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Advantis Corporation

Advantis Corp. Sets Meeting With N2 Pack at Las Vegas Cannabis Convention

Newport Beach, CA - (NewMediaWire) - April 01, 2019 - ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) announced that it has scheduled a meeting with N2Pack at this week’s Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas. Advantis plans on providing input for future canning machine designs, secure ongoing support as Advantis scales its business, and engaging in other strategic discussions.

“We are settling into our new Orange County location and acquiring more business and opportunities every day,” Advantis CEO, Darren Cherry explained. “As our Amster-Can business continues to grow exponentially, our need for faster, more efficient canning systems has become paramount. Our partnership with N2Pack has played a critical role in establishing the growth we’ve experienced over the past two years. We want to expand and strengthen our relationship so we not only stay ahead of demand, but take advantage of synergies that can significantly increase both of our bottom lines.” Cherry related that his primary purpose is to ensure Orange County, Los Angeles, and each successive facility is equipped with world-class packaging operations.

N2Pack has been the backbone of Amster-Can’s phenomenal rate of revenue growth over the past year. The company patented the nitrogen-sealed canning technology that guarantees freshness of the product packaged within. Advantis has found creative ways to implement the technology, starting with what they now call their mobile version. As demand increased, Advantis has been able to consult with N2Pack to design larger, more efficient canning machines. Demand for the canning and marketing solution is exploding, so Advantis has been finding ways to increase its capacity to keep up with demand. It has sent its mobile canning machines to partners in other states and remote locations, and now uses larger, more efficient machines in locations it can better serve its core client base. Cherry said that he has a clients lined up to increase their canning orders, and is further, “Meeting to strategize on how we can jointly expand each other’s reach.”

Advantis wishes to thank Investors Hangout for mentioning the company in their podcast.  

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