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Ecom Products Group 2nd Quarter 2017 Operational Update

CLEARWATER, FL - (NewMediaWire) - August 04, 2017 - Ecom Products Group Director and CEO Keith Holloway provided the following operational update:

I am happy to provide an update on behalf of the company for the 2nd quarter. As I did in our 1st quarter update, I would like to re-emphasize EPG's strategy of building-out international e-commerce services, solutions and platforms that allow brands to connect, communicate and transact with consumers in new and cross-border markets. 

Our five-year plan is to become a market leader in this high-growth e-commerce sector through building-out a dedicated e-commerce services offering; from social media to sales and fulfillment, as well as allowing these services to be incorporated into dedicated sector-solutions and social-based e-commerce platforms that we wish to develop. Our Board of Directors has approved an advisory board to underpin the growth strategy of our brand. We will have several appointments to our team announced over the next several weeks. 

It was an exciting second quarter under the EPG brand and e-com services model. We continued to expand and build out EPG's Ecom services across several markets. I am pleased to say that after our recent Asian and China acquisitions, we are now positioned to offer our Ecom services across the globe. Within the 3rd quarter, we will complete the formal share transfers in China and are positioned to service our clients, allowing them to enter and expand into new markets from the US, U.K., China, Asia and even Australia. We can offer our clients everything including marketing, Ecom and direct sales all the way through to fulfillment services.

Our recent service acquisitions, solutions and platforms are now integrated and operating under the Ecom Products Group banner. As promised in the last update, we have initiated an aggressive business development plan in our key markets of Europe, USA and Asia at the beginning of our business-planning year, which is July 1st.

Report Highlights
1. We have launched new IBD shopping destinations "Shop Florida," "Shop San Francisco" "Shop Vegas" and "Shop D.C." 
2. We have fully completed the China Retail Services acquisition and integration as of July 1st
3. We have conducted our initial "E-commerce as an entry strategy to China" seminars for U.S. retailers with several more planned in the U.S. and UK for Q3.
4. We have launched EPG's social media and e-commerce services and solutions for both U.S. retailers looking to enter European markets and European brands wanting to enter the U.S. market
5. EPG is now fully-operational in the UK, U.S., China and Asia
6. Redesign and launch completed of our corporate website
7. We have launched our IBD WeChat store
8. We have launched a dedicated, high-profile menswear blogger in China

The company is operating under three core offerings:


E-com services -- E-com solutions -- E-com platforms


U.S.A. -- London -- China -- Asia

"EPG is a service-provider and partner for leading brands and platforms that want to expand into new markets via e-commerce"

Business update by sector (future reports will also include geographical location updates):

EPG's Services
EPG services offers stand-alone marketing sales and fulfillment e-com services and are now fully integrated. We continue discussions with several European companies who want to enter the U.S. via e-commerce. In the next quarterly update, we will announce several U.S.A. and U.K. based companies contracted to enter or expand into China and Asia. 

We have begun to aggressively market our services to US and UK companies targeting select European markets through our USA and UK offices. With our next update, we will announce several clients added to our portfolio. 

EPG's Solutions
This is the portion of our business where we bundle our services and sector knowledge to offer a stand-alone solution. EPG solutions is currently focused on the multi product channel services like department stores and specialty consumer e-com platforms. EPG has signed several known department stores and consumer e-commerce platforms and will continue to update on this progress. EPG can either operate as a service partner or a solutions provider with the client under a profit share model. At present, we expect to continue to announce several key contracts over the next few quarters.

EPG's E-com Platforms 
Our plan, over the next 3 to 5 years, is to use our group services and sector knowledge, as well as cross border reach, to build out several Ecom consumer-based platforms that are socially focused. With the shift from brick and mortar retailers, we believe people will shop more online. Based on social affiliations across the globe, EPG will be at the forefront of this evolving trend. 

Our Platforms:

EPG's International Brands Direct (, a consumer platform focused on high-end fashion purchases. Their website is brand promotions and sales based and allows European brands to market to USA and Chinese consumers. We also offer USA based brands to market to Chinese and European consumers. 

Our travel site (, has released its New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida, D.C., Las Vegas and London shopping directories. We have signed iconic destinations such as Bloomingdales, Macy's, Century 21, Westfield's and Saks. EPG's Ecom platforms are also creating an app and a direct sales platform for general lifestyle and consumer brands along with products that want to expand into new high-growth markets. More will be announced in the next quarter on EPG's Ecom platforms. 

Finally, our product driven platform The Brand Box ( has been launched with dozens of exciting products already available. We are currently in discussions with several well-known domestic and international brands, along with some very exciting new product lines, that we will be announcing in our next quarterly update. 

As stated before, I will give our investors and shareholders a business update each quarter and am excited about this report. For the 3rd Quarter of 2017, I will provide updates on new clients for our services and solutions platform. In my opinion, this is the best part of business, allowing clients to take advantage of the incredible market opportunities through our corporate resources. I truly believe that there is not one Ecommerce business that we cannot help. 

As previously reported, in the future, we will look to raise expansion capital. Currently, the company, through the recent transaction with FCP and due to our low overhead requirements, generates sufficient cash flow to meet current expansion. Our future intent is to raise capital to meet expansion opportunities, in Q4 of 2017. I believe ‎this approach maximizes shareholder value as we grow the business. 

Key Clients Added This Year
Century 21
Robert Graham
Unified Leather
J Wingfield 

What to Expect in Our 3rd Quarter Update:
I will also provide financial results, as well as guidance, for the balance of 2017 as well as our 3 to 5 year projections. We will have additional appointments to our Board of Directors as well as our Advisory Board in the next few months as we enhance our team. Our client list is growing each week and we expect exciting announcements on that front as more clients come on-board. I will also update our shareholders on our progress of launching our different services, solutions and platforms in the next several months. 

Other Important information: 

  • Our business planning and sales forecast will run from July 1st to June 30
  • The company will add to its board of directors that add value to our corporate governance and provide expertise in markets or services that will underpin the company's growth
  • The company will only raise expansion capital as needed to maximize shareholder value. 
  • EPG's plan is to have the stock up-listed from the current pink sheets (OTC) to NASDAQ, to enhance investor value 
  • We have begun several market seminars across the USA on e-commerce as an entry strategy to China to build out our presence here
  • We will also conduct these seminars in Europe for companies wanting to enter the US as well as China
  • For more information, please visit our website at

Our Mission:
Ecom Products Group is an e-commerce service provider and partner for consumer brands seeking to expand into new markets and sectors. We utilize the following tools to assist expansion of their current market or new growth markets:

  • Social media management and marketing
  • Omni-channel Sales
  • Full logistics and fulfillment
  • Construction of social based commerce platforms
  • Partnership with strategic brands

EPG can be a service-provider, solutions-creator or platform-owner, with the ability to also act as a full e-commerce partner for leading brands and platforms. 

With a dynamic, multicultural team in the US, UK, China and Australia, EPG is positioned to serve the needs of our clients both at home and cross border. We provide our team with unparalleled tools to succeed and fully support each member's personal development. 

I am happy to share these exciting updates with you. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at