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Kashif Khan, Founder and CEO of The DNA Company, Designates Uber-Agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners to Represent His Three-Part Book Series, Unpill: The Prescription for Better Health is Already In You (Working Title)

-The DNA Company is a functional genomics company that provides people with personalized tools to unlock their cognitive and physical potential

Beverly Hills, CA - (NewMediaWire) - April 13, 2021 - Creative Management Partners (CMP) today announced that Kashif Khan, founder and CEO of The DNA Company, a Toronto-based functional genomics company, has chosen CMP’s Alan Morell to represent his three-part book series – Unpill: The Prescription for Better Health is Already In You (working title) – for bid to publishers and adaptation to broadcast television.

The series, written by Kashif Khan, one of Canada’s most innovative biotechnologists and entrepreneurs, will tell the story of how Kashif used functional genomics to rise above a legacy of hardship and family illness, optimize his mental, physical and spiritual health, and found a company that helps people prevent and overcome chronic disease, aging, and poor performance. Through case studies of people with whom The DNA Company has worked – professional athletes and teams, weekend warriors, coaches, physical trainers, organizations, executives, special operations forces, and people recovering from injuries – this series will serve as an inspirational and practical guide for people who want to develop and implement their own personalized plans based on their unique genetic profiles. Morell’s client, Rod Thorn, the acclaimed author, playwright and storytelling advisor to CEOs, is Kashif’s collaborator.

The series will draw from Kashif’s five-year, $5 million journey studying and working with more than 5,000 people from all over the world and all walks of life. In so doing, Kashif will discuss how nutrition, lifestyle and environment impact cellular health and quality of life—and what can be done to get them all working in harmony. Strategic choices regarding the food we eat, how we exercise, where and how we work, and how it all interacts with a person’s genetics; all this and more will be covered in the series.

Science writers often discuss how new paradigms, or new modes of thought, challenge and change our collective thinking about what is true or possible. This series will demonstrate, through real-life examples, how paradigms can also shift not only when new ideas supplant current ones, but when new tools enable us to do and see things that would have been impossible to consider otherwise. This series will inspire this new paradigm to further take hold.

Said Kashif Khan: "This series is potentially the most impactful work I will have done to date. I am taking all of what I have experienced and learned and giving it back to the world so people can thrive. Rod Thorn is the perfect writer collaborator for me, and Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners is the ideal person to represent my literary and broadcast works.”

“I am excited to represent Kashif and The DNA Company for this groundbreaking work,” said Alan Morell, CMP CEO. “We’ve all heard people fatalistically talk about how they’re ‘wired’ or ‘genetically predisposed’ to act in ways that may not help them get the most out of their lives. Well, prepare to challenge that assumption as my valued client Kashif Khan talks about how The Prescription for Better Health Is Already In You. It’s Kashif’s personal guide, backed by real-world case studies, for those desiring to unlock their true cognitive and physical potential. We view Kashif’s book series for TV/Film to be perfectly positioned for Documentary/Docudrama. As such, the trilogy will be a must read for anyone interested in self-help and health and wellness. Introducing Kashif to my client Rod Thorn, who, in addition to his work as an author, playwright and storytelling consultant, has advised dozens of CEOs at major companies, and collaborated on several books with CEOs, was a perfect fit.”    

“If I’d met Kashif when I was playing college football and baseball, I might have become a professional athlete,” says author, Rod Thorn. “Instead, I’m ‘just’ an author, albeit a very lucky author, to be working with geniuses like Kashif Khan and Alan Morell, my uber agent. Thanks to this project, I will now be able to implement The DNA Company’s insights and tools in my own life. I’m grateful to have this opportunity.”


Kashif Khan is an author, speaker, visionary entrepreneur and investor based in Toronto who has built, run, and scaled numerous businesses across various industries. He is the founder and CEO of The DNA Company, a digital health company that uses precision medicine and digital therapeutics to develop genomics-based health management applications that offer patients genetic insights tailored to their unique biology. Kashif is also the co-founder and CEO of Youtrients, a company providing personalized supplement formulations based on unique DNA analysis. In his career, Kashif has advised everyone from early-stage startups to numerous Fortune 500 clients including some of North America’s biggest companies like Royal Bank of Canada and Cirque Du Soleil.


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