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Maptelligent, Inc. Announces Mr. Joel Rothschild as Chief Technical Officer

Las Vegas, NV - (NewMediaWire) - July 6, 2021 - Maptelligent, Inc. (OTC PK: MAPT) is pleased to announce that Mr. Joel Rothschild has joined Maptelligent, Inc., as its Chief Technology Officer.  Mr. Rothschild brings over 30 years of software experience spanning the private sector, military, and first responder communities.  Most recently, Mr. Rothschild led a large development team supporting advanced data analytics for the U.S. Navy.  Previously, he served as the Defense and Intelligence Industry Solutions manager for Esri, and as the IT Director for a large, multi-agency 911 call center.


Mr. Rothschild is a highly decorated retired military officer who drove innovation and transformation in the Navy.  He served in command, combat, and Pentagon tours as well as serving on the Navy Secretary staff.  He has also served as a first responder in emergency medical, fire, and law enforcement fields.


Mr. Joseph Cosio-Barron, President and CEO, Maptelligent, Inc., stated, “I am thrilled to have Mr. Rothschild join our team. He is a key hire as he is arguably one of the most experienced in software applications and solutions both in the military and the private sector.” 


“The approach outlined by Maptelligent offers the potential to revolutionize the way facility managers prepare and interact with first responders.  We have all of the data and techniques for responding to major emergencies, but what is needed is a way to fuse them together in a practical and meaningful way.  Maptelligent’s approach is the best I have seen to solve this challenge,” said Mr. Rothschild.  “I am excited about the opportunity to realize the full potential.”


About Maptelligent, Inc.


Maptelligent’s mission is to provide information and data interoperability enabling organizations to quickly share information during a time of crisis. Maptelligent provides a geographic platform to access site-specific information enhancing physical security and facility management.


For more information, refer to, or contact: Joseph Cosio-Barron 415-990-8141