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Medolife Rx Recaps Successful Attendance at Tony Hawk Event; Saw Significant Product Exposure

Burbank, CA - (NewMediaWire) - September 1, 2021 - Medolife Rx, Inc. ("Medolife"), a global integrated bioceutical company with R&D, manufacturing, and consumer product distribution, which is a majority owned subsidiary of Quanta, Inc. (OTC PINK: QNTA), today recapped their attendance at the Inaugural Tony Hawk’s Vert Alert event in Salt Lake City the weekend of August 27 and 28. The Company showcased its rebranded line of consumer wellness products, participated in skateboarding community discussions and events, and met with Hawk himself as well as his management team, where the parties discussed meeting soon to increase their joint initiatives aimed at further reaching the skateboarding community worldwide with Aelia products. 


The event, which took place at the Utah State Fairgrounds, welcomed over 8,000 skateboarding and extreme sport enthusiasts, including newly returned Olympic athletes and Hawk himself. At the event, the Company showcased its line of pain relief products such as its muscle rubs, roll-ons, sprays, and other formulations. The products were met with much enthusiasm from the athlete community, where there is a large need for effective pain management products. Recent data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports an estimated 8.6 million sports injuries occur each year. Specifically, skateboarding is known as an “extreme sport” and many athletes experience injuries as a normal part of participation in them. The Aelia product line is designed specifically with the needs of consumers like this in mind. 

Topical pain relief products, such as with the Aelia products, are applied directly to the epidermal layer of the skin at the area of inflammation or pain. Aelia products have been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory benefits, offering fast and effective pain relief to targeted areas. Many consumers who attended the event and sampled the products expressed excitement about their effectiveness. 

“We had such a successful launch at the Vert Alert with Tony Hawk, further learning about the needs of the skateboarding and athletic community, that we are looking at various other ways to expand our relationship with Tony and reach this vital community,” said Medolife CEO Dr. Arthur Mikaelian. “It was so amazing to hear stories of athletes who tried out samples and came back less than an hour later to share how well the products worked with their pain management. In fact, an athlete who had just returned from the Olympic games in Japan was so impressed with the products, they would like to meet with us to see how we could work together in the future.” 

The global topical pain relief market is projected to reach $11.78 billion by 2025, according to a report by Industry Arc. Given the product lines’ successful launch at the event and reception by users, this event paved the road for Aelia products to address this significant global market opportunity and provide relief to so many who experience pain on a daily basis.

“Unfortunately, getting hurt is a big part of athletes’ lives, especially those engaged in extreme sports like skateboarding, and the effectiveness of our polarized products is exactly what they are looking for. We met with another former athlete who had severe ankle pain due to a past injury that she had never been able to manage. After applying our pain spray, she was able to walk on the ankle in just a few minutes, shedding tears of joy at the moment. It was so wonderful to experience that joy with her and we hope to share moments like these with consumers everywhere in the months and years to come,” added Dr. Mikaelian.

Also at the event, Medolife Rx, in conjunction with Aelia, introduced its new nutraceutical wellness products, called Immunapen™, for the first time publicly. In four various formulations, the products are designed to address everyday wellness challenges of consumers in the areas of anti-anxiety, energy and focus, and stress relief, all while supporting a healthy immune system. 

The event marked the first in-person marketing activation for the Aelia and Immunapen™ product lines since their rebrand. After witnessing the rapid adoption of the Aelia product line by skateboarders and athletes firsthand, the Company plans to reemphasize many of its marketing activities to include further engagement of this targeted community, including its endorsement relationship with Tony Hawk. Hawk has a massive presence in the community, boasting over 6.9 million social media followers, and countless association and event relationships. The products were so well received that the Company hopes to continue to showcase the product line at upcoming Tony Hawk and other athletic events in the near future. 

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About Medolife Rx

Medolife Rx, Inc. is a global biotechnology company with operations in clinical research, manufacturing, and consumer products. Medolife Rx was created through the merger of Medolife, a private company founded by Dr. Arthur Mikaelian who pioneered the unlaying polarization technology that makes the Company’s portfolio of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products so effective, and Quanta, Inc., a direct-to-consumer wellness product portfolio company. The Company’s lead clinical development programs include Escozine®, a proprietary formulation consisting of small molecule peptides derived from Rhopalurus princeps scorpions which is amplified by the Company’s polarization technology and is being researched as a treatment of various indications, including COVID-19 and cancer. The Company has completed preclinical safety and efficacy research on Escozine® and is pursuing product registration and drug approval in various countries, including the United States and throughout Latin America. 

Through its subsidiary QuantRx, Medolife manufactures and distributes consumer wellness and nutraceutical products in high-impact consumer areas such as pain relief, beauty, and general wellness. QuantRx products are designed using Dr. Mikaelian’s polarization technology which applies advances in quantum biology to increase the potency of active ingredients. Currently, QuantRx supports product formulations in pain management, anti-inflammation, skincare, agriculture, nutritional supplements, and plant-based consumables. Ultimately, Quanta's mission is to deliver better, more effective ingredients to elevate product efficacy, reduce waste, and facilitate healthier, more sustainable consumption.

Beyond its own clinical and consumer applications, the polarization technology used by Medolife and its subsidiaries has many potential applications. From potentiating bio-ingredients, to producing more-effective carbon-trapping plants, to transformative anti-aging solutions, Medolife has the opportunity to upend how commercial and pharmaceutical products are made and increase their benefits, while decreasing their chemical concentration.

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