The partnership marks another key alliance for 2B3D with a leading clinical addiction recovery entity, further augmenting its end-to-end mental health treatment offering for military veterans 

Los Angeles, CA  - (NewMediaWire) - December 28, 2022 -  2B3D Inc., a visionary Information Technology (IT) company, developing a first of its kind metaverse experience for treating PTSD and related challenges, specifically addiction treatment in military veterans, today announced it has partnered with I’m in Transition to pursue further development of Virtual Reality (VR) tools on its proprietary VRx platform for outpatient addiction recovery programs. These tools will enable continued treatment options for anyone with internet access, reducing many logistical challenges of continuing addiction treatment for those in recovery post-discharge from residential, inpatient care.

With post-Covid drug and alcohol abuse rates soaring across almost every demographic in the United States, the need for substance abuse treatment facilities and continuing rehabilitation programs is at a critical juncture. Addiction recovery is a lifelong mindset needed to sustain sobriety. Once a patient completes an inpatient treatment program, the duration of which is usually determined by insurance providers who do not always have the patient’s best interests in mind, they often return to a life surrounded by triggers for relapse. In this transition phase patients are encouraged to continue “outpatient treatment” that may include periodic visits with a counselor and attending group therapy sessions at an inpatient treatment facility.  Most such outpatient programs necessitate that the patient take time away from work and family and provide their own transportation to attend outpatient sessions.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the chronic nature of addiction means that for some people, relapse, or a return to drug use after an attempt to stop, can be part of the process, but newer treatments are designed to help with relapse prevention. Relapse rates for drug use are similar to rates for other chronic medical illnesses. When people stop following their medical treatment plan, they are likely to relapse. 

2B3D’s VRx platform is an evolving Substance Use Disorder (SUD) tool that extends and promotes continued treatment with a myriad of world-first approaches. 2B3D’s VR medical environment will offer virtual outpatient treatment options for those in recovery and give those in recovery the opportunity to explore other regions of 2B3D’s expanding metaverse. Donning 2B3D’s VRx software-embedded headset will grant patients “portal” access to the VRx treatment facility where they can enter a clinician’s office for one-on-one counseling or a meeting room or lounge for group therapy sessions. In addition, 2B3D intends to include “hotline” functionalities where a patient can immediately exit a critical relapse scenario by “dropping everything,” putting on a VRx headset and then meeting in real time with an on-call counselor.

Robert Bell, CEO of 2B3D said, “I’m thrilled to announce yet another powerful addiction treatment component to our VR-powered actionverse therapeutic environment for military veteran mental health. I’m in Transition will serve as the ideal recovery phase resource for our end-to-end solution. We feel confident that this will facilitate their already existing ‘Access to Recovery’ programs that continue to produce phenomenal success rates. Previously we announced that BioCorRx will provide the addiction treatment curriculum resources that will be discoverable as NFTs inside of our VR environments and now we’ve got a truly ideal long term recovery partner.”

2B3D is actively pursuing efforts in alignment with the National Opioid Settlement, specifically focusing on the gap between resident and post-resident counseling services. If you are a county or municipality (City Manager), or similar party interested in more information, please contact us at


2B3D is a military veteran-operated tech company specializing in virtual reality, web3 gaming, NFTs, and mental health solutions in the metaverse. 2B3D is currently developing a metaverse ecosystem using blockchain technology with play-to-earn games, an NFT marketplace, NFT medical prescriptions, VR showrooms, and VR medical environments for therapy and meeting with healthcare professionals in real-time.


I’m in Transition is a faith-based, non-profit recovery, counseling and outreach organization that’s driven to save lives from overdose. They meet individuals in their place of need and lead them to a path to self-sufficiency and sustainability. Their qualified staff and affiliates are advocates of recovery and aim to see every client overcome their barriers. I’m in Transition offers a specialized residential recovery and self-help program for ex-convicts, homeless individuals and others who are seeking a new beginning.

Jonathan Phillips