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360 Coatings Partners with Hope 2 Others to provide whiteboard walls for schools in need around the world

Naples, Florida - (NewMediaWire) - February 3, 2015 - Today, the 360 Coatings Team announces the launch of ReMARKable Hope in partnership with Hope 2 Others. 

ReMARKable Hope is a charitable give-back campaign set up to help ensure that children throughout the world in communities in need have access to educational and creative opportunities with the donation of ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint.

How does it work?

For every 10 square feet purchased, 360 coatings will donate 1 square foot to the "give-back" ReMARKable Hope project in partnership Hope 2 Others.

What need is it addressing?

In many schools in disadvantaged communities around the world, educational material is too expensive to print, and drywalls are the only way to share academic material with its students.  Wall space becomes the textbook and the only educational aid available. However, even the coating, which is reasonably priced for the average business, school or household, is too expensive for schools in developing countries to buy. That is where Remarkable Hope, with the public's help, steps in and donates.

ReMarkable Hope with Hope 2 Others plan to:
Build clinics and schools throughout Tanzania and surrounding countries in Africa. (request Hope 2 Others Medical Clinic & Birth Center design). 
Use the land donated to Hope 2 Others in Tanzania:
·        14 parcels of land throughout Tanzania have been donated to Hope 2 Others to build clinics & schools.
·        Two of the sites are designated to build primary & secondary schools.
·        Two other locations are designated to establish nursing and teachers colleges.

Hope 2 Others  is currently touching more than 20 communities with school, clinic, hospital and church sites in Tanzania. 
All low resource areas worldwide would benefit from these reMARKable whiteboards. Education and information sharing is one key to the door out of poverty and hopelessness.

Whom has it helped so far? 

Visit the give-back campaign information page and find out how ReMARKable Hope improved the lives of teachers and students in the in Massai Village of Kisongo, in Tanzania, East Africa at the New Life Band School. Witness the transformation from a derelict school building to a successful installation of several hundred square footage of ReMARKable coating. Students and teachers participated in the process and are using the walls every day.

Who can help?

All U.S. residents can help. People in the U.S. can help by setting up a whiteboard wall at home, in a school classroom or at their office or business. With that simple gesture, a school in a community in need will get a fighting chance for students that are eager to learn. It is a small purchase toward setting up an environment for academic growth.

How to donate to the cause:

  • Purchase any ReMARKable whiteboard paint kit at
  • Tweet #ReMARKableHope to your friends and followers
  • Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Vine, between5 am EDT starting 2/3 and help us launch this great charitable initiative around the world. The campaign ends on 12/31/2015.


Moreover, the goal is...

"Our goal is to be able to provide as much as they need through our giving back promo," said David Rairick, CEO of 360 Coatings. "For every ten square footage purchased, 360 donates a square footage of ReMARKable coating to a school in need. 360 is very excited to kick off this endeavor and looks forward to teaming up with H20 and serve a great need in the lives of 3rd world children who have a sincere desire to become educated." 

If you are ready to support ReMARKable Hope, give forward Now!

News source: RushPRNews

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