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FDS, Inc.

American Associated Pharmacies Taps FDS to Bring its Members a State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence Solution

Fort Worth, TX - (NewMediaWire) - September 10, 2018 - FDS, Inc. announced today that it has created a strategic partnership with American Associated Pharmacies (AAP) to bring AAP members a groundbreaking business analytics tool to improve their pharmacies’ performance and profitability. ProfitAmp provides powerful business intelligence (BI) and a unique level of detail that cannot be obtained with other BI tools on the market. 

“FDS is committed to helping pharmacies improve efficiency while positively impacting their bottom line, a mission that aligns well with AAP’s goal of providing member pharmacies with tools to enhance profitability, streamline operations, and improve care quality,” said Tracie Heyrman, AAP’s Vice President of Preferred Partners. “Partnering with FDS to bring our members impactful BI solutions from an industry-leading technology company was a natural pairing, one we expect will deliver significant value and rapid ROI while improving patient outcomes and strengthening the pharmacy-patient relationship.” 

Available exclusively to AAP members, ProfitAmp delivers a deeper look into their pharmacy operations, including an analysis of dispensing data through the Pharmacy Management System to identify key dispensing trends, lost patients, and income opportunities. It also enables AAP to design organizational strategies around the health of its community to improve member pharmacies’ revenues and profits based on aggregate membership performance. 

“The goal of this partnership is to continue providing AAP members with the solutions they needed to excel in today’s pharmacy marketplace. Our business intelligence and analytics tools leverage data from their existing pharmacy systems to drive financial, clinical, and operational growth and improve patient outcomes,” said Rich Bukovinsky, Executive Vice President of Business Development for FDS. “We take pride in the continued confidence and trust that AAP has placed in FDS’ products and services and look forward to delivering true value to its member pharmacies.”

About FDS, Inc.
Fort Worth-based FDS is a pharmacy-centric healthcare technology company dedicated to helping its customers succeed in today's complex and multi-faceted healthcare ecosystem. FDS achieves this by leveraging the power of data and developing new solutions that improve present and future healthcare delivery.  Thousands of customers utilize its industry knowledge, technical expertise, and scalable, cloud-based platforms are utilized by thousands of customers to solve the many challenges pharmacies face each day, while its tools help improve profitability, streamline pharmacy workflow, and enhance clinical care and operational effectiveness. FDS solutions include automated medication synchronization services; business intelligence analytics and reporting; Star Ratings and Population Health Management; DME and Medical claim billing; third-party reconciliation services and patient communication portals. For additional information or request a demonstration, please visit our website at or call us at (877) 602-4179.

About American Associated Pharmacies
American Associated Pharmacies (AAP) is a member-owned cooperative of over 2,000 independent pharmacies working together as a cohesive network. AAP in partnership with its subsidiaries and joint venture, Associated Pharmacies, Inc. (API), Arete Pharmacy Network, and AllyScripts, provides the tools and resources needed for members to improve their bottom line and differentiate themselves from competitors. AAP members not only receive savings on brand prescriptions, generic prescriptions and OTC products through the API warehouse and their negotiated prime vendor agreement, but they also receive negotiated competitive managed-care contracts through the Arete Pharmacy Network. In addition to offering solutions such as API and Arete Pharmacy Network, AAP provides members access to a full-service specialty pharmacy, AllyScripts, that allows pharmacies to retain their patients and compete in the growing specialty segment without the costly investment.

AAP is able to provide its members with the support and customized solutions they need to succeed in the marketplace. For additional information, please visit or call 877-797-9227.

Elizabeth Goar