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Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center Offers Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services

Cleveland Heights, OH - (NewMediaWire) - November 18, 2022 - Addiction and substance abuse are growing problems affecting a wide demographic across America. The growing problem has been linked to several factors, including lifestyle choices, pressure to deliver at work, trauma, etc. With the growing problem comes a need to chart a better path to offering victims the treatment they need while giving them another chance at sobriety and being valuable contributors to society. Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center and its team of experienced addiction and substance abuse treatment professionals offer the much-needed holistic and personalized treatment solutions to combat addiction in all forms.

Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center is a compassionate drug rehabilitation center that leverages evidence-based treatment modules custom-tailored to each patient's needs. The rehabilitation professionals are dedicated to working closely with each client to understand the problem and cause and help chart a sustainable road to recovery.  

Welcoming addiction victims to their rehabilitation center, Aaron Fergusson, spokesperson for Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center noted that their doors are always open to community members and addiction victims looking to regain control of their lives. Patients are welcome to take advantage of the walk-in service to seek immediate help for their addiction and related problems. The rehabilitation professionals will be on the ground to take on new patients and help them in the best possible way to improve the quality of their lives and take back control of it.

Speaking about their mission at the substance abuse rehabilitation center, their spokesperson noted that it is simple; to treat addiction. He added: "Treating alcohol and drug addiction is anything but simple; there are many approaches to treatment and even more responses to treatments. We, however, pride ourselves in designing personal approaches tailored to each individual client. The foundations laid in our therapy sessions address core issues so that our clients can build on them to move past their addictions and start rebuilding their lives. We are committed to providing high-quality care to our clients encouraging sustainable and long-term sobriety. Our dedicated staff breaks down the traditional treatment barriers with a holistic approach combined with a 'whatever it takes' attitude."

Describing the available Cleveland alcoholism treatment, the lead rehab professional at the clinic noted that they have a set of established steps that begins with an assessment of the client to determine how best they can be helped. The result of the assessment will be used to determine one or more treatment plans, including Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, substance abuse education or counseling sessions, outpatient treatment programs, inpatient treatment programs, random drug and alcohol testing, or individual or group treatment sessions.

Clients cleared for individual counseling treatment will have access to qualified and experienced therapists who will walk them through the process of recovery. Each individual counseling session at Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center involves treatment planning of the client's goals in addition to individualized person-centered psychotherapy with great listeners who offer emphatic services while reinforcing positivity and providing support.

Clients cleared for the intensive outpatient program will be required to commit to a 90-day program with group sessions three hours a day and three times a week. The sessions give clients the support, recovery education, and assistance needed to go through each day of their lives sober.

Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center also offers Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), a voluntary, day treatment that offers intensive therapeutic care for adults battling alcohol, drugs, emotional, and behavioral concerns. The structured program offers clients access to all the help they need, from skill building and behavioral modification to assistance with harm reduction and transitioning to abstinence from substance abuse.

Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center is open and ready to speak to substance abuse victims seeking help in Ohio. Visit them at 2490 Lee Blvd Suite 319, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 44118, US. For more information, call 216-400-6640 or visit their website.

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Company Name: Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center

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