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Authorized Trading Provider, Exfor, Announces New Subscription Model

Labuan, Malaysia - (NewMediaWire) - January 13, 2023 - Exfor, an authorized, regulated, and verified trading provider, has released a new client subscription model. Exfor continuously strives to enhance, espouse cutting-edge technology, and secure how users invest in thriving financial markets. 

Exfor introduces an unprecedented approach to entering the forex and brokerage markets. The team comprises specialists and market experts from across the world who have come together to offer traders the best trading conditions. Exfor’s novel and unparalleled subscription model will see the company deliver cross-bank spreads and charge the minimum commission for even diminutive deposits. Exfor understands that the current fx market is a nightmare for the average trader—they spend the most on commissions, are not protected, and receive information the slowest. Exfor’s modern business model will even the odds, allowing the regular trader to trade on the same conditions as the bigwigs in Wall Street. 

Exfor currently has offices across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, aligning with its greater goal to reach and convert new clientele. 

Exfor’s New Client Subscription Model 

Exfor is integrating a never-seen-before model and opening the market for innovations. The subscription model works so that each client receives a raw spread for a tiny monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fee. 

This subscription model, according to the Exfor team, dispels all company-client conflicts, guaranteeing both parties seamless, convenient, and hassle-free business dealing. Once the client pays a monthly fee, Exfor will provide free entry to financial markets. Exfor’s new model will take traders away from the unprotected and slavery-esque systems of traditional payment platforms. For as little as $25, Exfor will offer traders a seat at the table, eliminating the need to pay commissions, which are, some of the times, a tad bit expensive for retail clients. Users will get a sublime opportunity as the lowest spreads on the market and full transparency of all transactions. 

Exfor is walking a new path with this unique approach. Unlike existing competitors that charge clients for each transaction, Exfor’s subscription model will quash commissions—offering subscribed members access to financial markets without paying transaction commissions. Exfor understands that the forex market is replete with all kinds of users—beginners and professionals—and has tailored its system to cater to these audiences on a monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription format. 

Partnerships and Roadmap 

As an innovative project seeking to disrupt the forex market through an advanced, beneficial, and insurance-covered payment format, Exfor has partnered with several renowned tech support providers such as Your Bourse, FxbackOffice, Brokeree Solutions, Metaquotes, etc. 

Exfor prioritizes user experience and satisfaction, hence the team’s decision to continue collaborating with advanced technical support firms. It doesn't end there; Exfor is in talks with prominent and recognized forex representatives to provide clients with a genuinely comprehensive trading platform. 

Exfor focuses on the forex industry’s technical and geo-market strategy aspects. It currently offers trading instruments such as metal, oil, trading pairs, etc. Talks are underway to significantly increase the quantity and quality of trading products available to all users. According to the team, Exfor is starting to offer its services to clients in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Exfor plans to build and launch an investment bank before 2025. As mentioned, Exfor is the first platform in the forex market to offer this client-benefitting and status quo-challenging model—no other competitor provides such. 

About Exfor 

Exfor is a recognized, authorized, and regulated LFSA [Labuan Financial Service Authority] trading provider. Exfor employs cutting-edge technology and a brand-new super-innovative model to challenge the existing status quo. The company hopes to dispel conflicts of interest and the need for clients to pay commissions through this new business model. Exfor Limited, in addition to safeguarding of client funds, offers a Client Fund Protection Policy via Insurance Policy Number: AMK/0908345/908680/2022 issued by the Africa Merchant Assurance Sum insured: up to USD 1,000,000 per claimant.

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