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Boston Vision Launches Cosmetic Eye Contouring and Skin Tightening Treatment

Boston, Mass - (NewMediaWire) - March 16, 2023 - Boston Vision announces the acquisition of Agnes RF, a microneedling device that delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to the delicate skin tissue around the eyes to remodel subdermal tissues for rejuvenation of the treatment area. By now offering this all-new treatment, Boston Vision continues their legacy of staying at the forefront of optical technology. 

The cosmetic eye rejuvenation procedure, Agnes RF, utilizes sterile microneedles to create tiny wounds in the skin, prompting the skin to heal itself and tighten in response. In addition to the microneedles helping to firm and tighten skin by stimulating the production of collagen, radiofrequency energy is delivered through the tips of the needles, precisely heating the tissue to enhance this effect and remodel subdermal tissue for a more youthful contour around the eyes. 

Dr. John Lee, a physician at Boston Vision for the past 12 years, performs the Agnes RF treatments with personalized care to the settings, treatment area, and skin type of each patient who requests it.

“There is finally a safe, reliable and effective way to improve the skin quality and sculpt the contours around the eyes without the need for invasive surgery.  RF microneedling is great as a stand alone procedure or as a way to complement other eyelid procedures like medical or cosmetic eyelid lifts or cosmetic injectables like Botox.”  

Agnes RF can be used for lower eyelid rejuvenation, brow line sculpting, and under-eye rejuvenation for a number of cosmetic eye concerns.

Boston Vision is a leader in the greater Boston area for ophthalmologic care from laser vision correction to laser eye surgery and oculoplastic services. Expanding their care to not only protecting and treating medical vision concerns but also providing elective surgeries and treatments for patients throughout Boston is their goal. Agnes RF supports an expanded range of service offerings for people with specific concerns about the cosmetic appearance of the area around their eyes.

About Boston Vision

Boston Vision has several locations throughout Boston, including Andover, Brookline, Lawrence, Medford, Milford, and Wellesley. They provide LASIK and other laser vision correction services as well as complete ophthalmologic care for conditions like cataracts and retinal issues. Their team of ophthalmologists and support staff seek to provide the highest quality of medical and elective procedures while investing in the latest technology and techniques for increasingly positive results.

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Company Name: Boston Vision

Contact Person: Julia Backus 

Phone: 810-938-9323

Address: 24 Webster Pl

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State: MA

Postal Code: 02445

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