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Bubblr Inc. Announces Strategic New Patent Filed With the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

New York, NY - (NewMediaWire) - February 27, 2023 - Bubblr Inc. (OTC PINK: BBLR), an ethical technology company focused on the development of an Ethical Web Open-Source platform for the advancement of a better internet, today announced the filing of U.S. patent application No. 17/980298 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Patent application No. 17/980298, titled "Contextual Enveloping of Dynamic Hypertext Links," allows information being searched to be contextualized with a previous search. Once a search result is selected, Bubblr Inc.’s contextual enveloping of dynamic hyperlinks system constructs a new page, generates hyperlinks within that page, and points to the result that is most applicable to the initial query. Bubblr Inc. believes this innovative method of searching could provide a vastly more user-friendly experience than is currently offered by existing search engines.

This patent application is concerned solely with information, while Bubblr Inc.’s previously issued U.S. patent No. 10977387, titled “Internet Search Mechanism,” is purely for goods and services. Both patent application No. 17/980298 and U.S. patent No. 10977387 retain consumer anonymity and are restricted to operating with apps in a deliberate attempt to maintain stringent user security that browsers lack.

We are thrilled about the new patent application, as it complements our existing patent and is expected to open the door to a future where users can enjoy accurate searches without compromising their privacy. With the recent advancements in search technology, especially AI-based searches, privacy concerns have only become more significant. The combination of these patents paves the way for a holistic solution to search mechanisms that respect user privacy, making Bubblr Inc.'s mission of creating an ethical web a reality. Bubblr Inc. remains dedicated to delivering an alternative to existing search engines, which put the privacy and security of their users first.

Steve Morris, Bubblr Inc.’s founder and executive chairman, stated, “Bubblr's vision for an Ethical Web imagines our open-source apps being the primary way consumers will not only search for goods and services but for information as well.” 

About Bubblr Inc.
Bubblr Inc. is an ethical technology company that is on a mission the fix a broken internet. It is building an open-source Ethical Web platform that is the technological manifestation of its very valuable granted patents. This platform will make available open-source app templates for licensees to build their own community apps or integrate our software with any existing apps.

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