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Seattle, WA - (NewMediaWire) - March 14, 2019 - CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article covering Chemesis International Inc. (CSE: CSI, OTC: CADMF, FRA: CWAA). The Vancouver-based cannabis first-mover with operations in California, Puerto Rico, and Colombia, understands that dominating the California market, the world’s largest for legal cannabis and a cannabis cultural trend-setter, is an important first step in its strategic plan to expand both nationally and internationally. Recent developments suggest the company is preparing to do exactly that.

California represents over 30% of US legal sales, with 2018 retail sales totalling $2.5 billion. Colorado’s established legal cannabis saw $1.5 billion in retail sales, while Washington saw $1 billion in sales, and Oregon retail sales brought in $600 million.

Innovative Branding

In January Chemesis, in collaboration with filmmaker Kevin Smith, unveiled Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash, a genius branding effort based on the iconic stoner-slacker characters famous for their roles in blockbuster films from Clerks to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Smith elaborated on Instagram:

“Back in the day, @jayandsilentbob used to sell weed in the movies. Now, thanks to the good folks at, Jay and Silent Bob are selling weed in real life! This January Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash debuts in every weed-legal state and every weed-legal store they can lean against! Smoke some Snoogans (an Indica)! Blaze some Berserker (a Sativa)! Or go both ways with Snoochie Boochies (a Hybrid)! The green is spectacular (…) pre-rolls come in collectible containers that fit into Quick Stop Dispensary and THC Video display cases! The #chemesis kids brought me out to the #mjbizcon where we made the announcement and I played with the prototypes! We start with pre-rolls, 5 packs and jars of flower, but next up? Oils and Pet CBD’s! In 2019, say hi to Jay and Silent Bob’s Private Stash! It’s no longer a secret and it’ll bowl you over!”

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Interviewed by CFN, Chemesis CEO Edgar Montero praised Smith for his big heart and the entire team for its passion for the cannabis industry. Mr. Montero said that, based on an appearance featuring Smith at the Emerald Cup, northern California’s premier annual cannabis industry celebration, the company received over US$100 thousand in purchase orders, so the brand’s potential is proven.

As cannabis legalization gradually rolled out across California, Chemesis kept its finger on the pulse and worked with early adopters of new regulations to establish several key operations in Cathedral City; California Sap, with over 40 awards celebrating the quality of its branded extract-based products, its state-of-the-art extraction facility that can process over 500,000 kgs of cannabis trim annually, and finally Desert Zen, which handles packaging and distribution for Chemesis’ in-house brands as well as offering contract services to other brands. To strengthen its brand presence throughout California, Chemesis has engaged Dank City, a premier cannabis marketing firm boasting the largest network of social media pages related to the industry.

Expanding Capacity to Meet Demand

The growing demand for its branded products and extract services requires additional support, and Chemesis just announced the acquisition of a fully licensed, state of the art extraction & manufacturing facility, also located in Cathedral City, which is expected to double its ability to process large amounts of cannabis to extract THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid and terpene products, to over 500,000 kg annually. 

The facility’s proximity to Chemesis’ existing extraction facility, which commenced operations this quarter, is expected to streamline operations and gives Chemesis control of two fully licensed, commercialized facilities, providing the necessary infrastructure for a controlled national expansion. Through the acquisition, Chemesis gains control over two additional Cannabis Business Local licenses and a Type 7 Adult & Medical Cannabis Products manufacturing license.

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Montero said, “The company will, upon completion of the acquisition, significantly increase its production and manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. The addition of this new facility will allow the company to extract high-quality cannabinoids and terpenes for use in a wide variety of consumer products.  Chemesis will then be able to leverage its existing expertise in extraction, distribution, and sales to continue growing revenues and build long-term value. I believe this expansion will open up considerable new revenue opportunities for the company when we begin processing hemp.”

The US is the only industrialized nation with a ban on the production of industrial hemp, but provisions in last year’s federal Farm Bill finally addressed the issue, and Chemesis is currently looking at processing hemp at the new facility for full spectrum extracts rich in CBD to meet growing demand. The CBD market is growing at a much faster rate than any other aspect of the cannabis market, predicted to become a multi-billion-dollar industry by 2020. The hemp-derived CBD market is expected to be especially lucrative, with a 2017 report by Brightfield Group predicting a per annum increase of 55% over the next five years.

Chemesis has proven itself a forward-thinking company with its early-mover position in the key markets of California, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. With its expanded capacity and a strong brand presence throughout the state, 2019 should be a pivotal year as Chemesis cements its role as a key player in the highly lucrative California market, providing the resources to pursue its ambitious strategic goals both domestically and internationally.

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