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CHNC - Alpha Research Institute Update

Houston, TX - (NewMediaWire) - November 29, 2021 - China Infrastructure Construction Corp (OTC:CHNC)

From my desk…

It is with great pleasure that I take a moment out of my day to write this letter to respond and/or clarify one of the most frequent questions that our shareholders have submitted requesting information about. Our shareholders have shown interest in further exploring and/or understanding the portion under which we conduct our clinical trials and our development of these projects.

Alpha Research Institute, one of CHNC’s branches and a Houston-based research facility, is currently active and continues to become one of the top research centers in Houston. Several clinical trials take place in Alpha on a daily basis, these are research studies in which people volunteer to find new treatments and ways to improve public health problems, through procedures monitored by doctors and health professionals bound to FDA’s guidelines.

Furthermore, Alpha’s team is responsible for planning, setting up, and executing day-to-day management of the contracted clinical trials. Every single study is different, so to supply these services, our multidisciplinary team must meticulously read, analyze, comprehend, apply and work under the rules and terms of various protocols. These protocols act as a baseline for establishing our target patient audience so that the results of these studies are adapted to the specific research needs of our sponsors, guaranteeing patient safety and the proper development of each procedure.

Our research center has a highly professional relationship with its sponsors marked by confidentiality, which is why we cannot answer some of the questions and disclose certain information that could harm our company or others as most of the guidelines belong to the intellectual property of our sponsors.

However, we are glad to share the information we can disclose. At present, Alpha has 15 clinical trials available and open for patient recruitment. These studies include: Children's biological sample collection, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Active infection (STD), Chronic Diarrhea, Adult biological sample collection, Diabetic retinopathy, Celiac disease, Suspected infection, and five different cancer studies (which once more we cannot name due to our confidentiality agreements), Chronic Constipation, metabolic disease studies, and Covid-19, all under the supervision and care of our Clinical Trials Medical Director, Dr. Deepika Deol.

Moreover, we continue to grow and expand by recruiting more doctors (Principle Investigators), recruitment teams, and marketing strategies, to allow for the smooth development of the clinical trials. Alpha’s team has worked non-stop to improve many processes and expects to acquire alliances with new sponsors in the coming year, so as to expand its clinical trial offer and improve its relationship with its community and patients under the direction of Dr. Harpran, Director of Clinical Trials Recruitment.

CHNC, as a part of the research industry, does not only benefit from its well-known profitability and opportunities, but also works on giving back to its community, providing the necessary tools and human talent to help develop new technologies, treatments, and solutions to improve the quality of life of patients around the world. It is our grain of sand that works in great synergy with our brand’s values and mission.

Conclusively, as usual, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our directors and shareholders, but equally important, each and every one of our staff members that work tirelessly to meet deadlines and innovate our products on a daily basis to create new revenue generating centers, as well as the highest possible return for our shareholders.

All my best,

Dante Picazo

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