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Costco Hot Tubs Review - Insights, Top Brands & Prices

San Diego, California - (NewMediaWire) - October 23, 2020 - The question of whether or not consumers should look to Costco for their hot tub buying needs comes up quite often. Are Costco hot tubs high-quality? Could one save money by purchasing through Costco? There are a few advantages and disadvantages to buying a hot tub through Costco, which are important to consider in the search process. has provided an article detailing the pros and cons of available hot tubs from Costco's big box stores. All of the relevant information on Costco hot tub models can be found below.


Costco Road Shows

While Costco used to have hot tub brands listed on their retail website, they currently do not anymore. Instead, Costco sells hot tubs through roadshows. Roadshows are opportunities in which Costco allows hot tub vendors to rent out space in one of their warehouse locations for a 10-14 day period to sell hot tubs to its members.

Costco roadshows occur fairly infrequently, though they provide a good opportunity for Costco members to take advantage of local warehouse deals. However, some are not fortunate enough to have a roadshow take place in their local area. Others may wait a long time before a roadshow ever comes to town.

Consumers who like the hot tub brands sold at Costco, though don't want to wait for a roadshow, have the opportunity to find these same brands at competitive pricing through this recommended helpful resource

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Top Costco Roadshow Brands

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas is one of the most innovative hot tub companies on the market today. For consumers seeking out the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, there is no better spa choice.

Each Bullfrog Spas hot tub comes with a customizable JetPak system, allowing users to arrange the jets to their preference. There aren't any other spas on the market that offer this type of customizability.

With top-notch parts and an energy-efficient design, Bullfrog Spas work to cut back on energy costs as well. Buyers in the market for luxury-style hot tubs should consider Bullfrog Spas, as it is one of the most cutting-edge hot brands on the modern market.

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Aquaterra Spas

Aquaterra Spas is a highly affordable hot tub brand with nine different models to choose from. Most Aquaterra Spas are plug n' play by design, cutting back on energy consumption, and introducing portability.

Every Aquaterra Spa model comes with full-foam insulation to retain heat and keep water warm for as long as possible. Plus, these hot tubs come with thermal locking covers to further improve heat retention and keep them from getting dirty.

Aquaterra is an excellent choice for consumers seeking out a more budget-friendly hot tub.

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Evolution Spas

Evolution Spas sits under the larger umbrella of the Strong Spas company. Costco pegs Evolution as the 'luxury' brand yet keeps it fairly affordable. As of right now, there are two models in the Evolution Spas series to choose between, including the 120-jet Hilton and the 72-Jet Essence, both of which offer supreme hydrotherapy.

Evolution Spa hot tubs come with durable cabinets, LED lighting, luxury seating, and high-quality jet systems for serious hydrotherapy. Their DURA-LAST material has an excellent reputation for durability as well, making it one of the best choices for buyers who live in harsh climates.

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OC Hot Tubs

OC Hot Tubs is similar to Cal Spas brand in many ways, as both of these popular hot tub companies are divisions of LMS Inc. Just like Cal Spas, OC Hot Tubs has some of the most innovative hot tub designs in the Costco hot tub brands lineup. There are 2 and 3-person tubs to choose from, perfect for small homes with confined outdoor spaces or those looking for a more intimate hot tub experience. All of the hot tubs in the OC lineup are very budget-friendly.

Consumers often boast over the cutting-edge features on OC tubs, including hydrotherapy jet technology and mood-setting LED lights. Those looking for a mixture of simplicity and value should consider the hot tubs from OC.

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Essential Hot Tubs

Essential Hot Tubs is one of the United States' largest hot tub dealers and one of the most popular hot tub manufacturer for Costco big box store. Essential Hot Tubs offers a variety of top-notch hot tub products, providing high value at a low price.

The hot tub retailer carries everything from 2-person to 6-person spas, each of which comes with a hydrotherapy jet system. These unique spa jets work to deliver pressure to tension-bearing joints and muscles.

Essential hot tubs are completely adjustable and come with a few additional accessories to spruce up your backyard setting. Overall, these hot tubs are great for those looking for a bit of additional customization.

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Strong Spas

Strong Spas is another budget-friendly hot tub brand that offers durable spas and all kinds of neat design elements. Each Strong Spas hot tub comes with a Dura-Shield cover for heat retention and protection. The cover was one of the very first in the world to offer hard-material protection.

The Strong Spas brand offers three hot tub series to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury. All of the hot tubs in the lineup work to optimize energy efficiency with proprietary foam and durable resin.

Strong Spas lives up to its name in terms of strength and durability. Those seeking out a long-lasting spa should consider buying from Strong.

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Divine Hot Tubs

Divine Hot Tubs is a sister brand to the more popular Clearwater Spas brand, and it has been on the market since about 2011. In terms of pricing, it rests in the mid-range for Costco hot tubs. There are seven hot tubs to choose from in the lineup, most of which are perfect for small to mid-sized families.

Every Divine Hot Tub comes with pro jet technology, a multi-colored LED system, UVC & Ozone filtration, and Wi-Fi remote control. Divine Hot Tubs provides customers the option of adding additional features, including their beautiful entertainment system, perfect for hosting small parties.

Divine takes the cake with a mixture of value and luxury, perfect for practical buyers who want something a bit better than the traditional spa.

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Final Verdict - Is Buying a Hot Tub From Costco Worth It?

While Costco offers prime hot tub warranties and slightly better prices than hot tub dealers, there are a few downsides. The customer service and support that buyers receive with a non-hot tub company aren't nearly as strong as what buyers receive from true hot tub retailers and distributors.

Another reason to consider an alternative to purchasing a hot hot is the lack of variety at roadshows. While a deal might be enticing, buyers should be aware that buying a hot tub from Costco is so cheap because of the lack of customization. Buyers have to stick with the available colors, parts, and accessories.

It is also worth noting that Costco does not currently carry swim spas, which could be a disadvantage for those seeking out a mixture of fitness and relaxation.

Is buying from Costco worth it?

Price-minded buyers with patience might think so. However, those looking to purchase a hot tub now might want to consider other, more convenient, alternatives that will provide more customization and customer support. 

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