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Crypto Minute TV to Launch TV Marketing Campaign for BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. (BFCH) on Major Cable Networks

Fredericksburg, VA - (NewMediaWire) - April 22, 2020 - BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. (OTC: BFCH) is excited to announce that “Crypto Minute TV” will begin the launch of the Company’s much anticipated Television marketing campaign for BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc., (OTC PINK: BFCH). Phase one of the campaign for BFCH will begin prior to May 1st, 2020 with the initial spots airing on the FOX News Network followed by rapid expansion to additional TV and radio media networks and other venues.

Telesis IT, LLC is an IT Managed Service Provider that consults, provides, and manages cloud-based services including the Microsoft 365 Suite, secure email encryption and archiving, secure file sharing and storage solutions, backup and disaster recovery, and desktop-as-a-service.  Telesis IT President, Ronnie Williams, said "We are uniquely positioned to provide cloud-based solutions to businesses enabling them to deploy a secure, remote workforce during these unprecedented times in addition to work from home opportunities that will include investing in bit miners. We have opportunities for individuals and entire companies to continue generating and/or start generating revenues from home. For more info please email us at salesteam" 

The “Crypto Minute TV” marketing campaign for BitFrontier Capital Holdings and the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Telesis IT will include both U.S. and international networks and markets. Segments will be aired on major cable and television networks across the country and internationally showcasing their combined investment and at-home income generating opportunities in the emerging Bitcoin, Digital, and Crypto-Currency sectors.

The Telesis IT will begin on one or two major TV networks and then BFCH will begin airing on major TV networks through shows such as Exploring The Block as sponsored programming, “Crypto Minute TV” will also eventually air in over 40 million Over-the-Air (OTA) households in all major markets. The audience totals will be 30 to 45 million TV households and will increase to 100 million TV households in the United States.  The project will also include radio programming, podcasting and advertising on over 300 radio stations and many websites across the US as well as top tier print and digital venues.

“Crypto Minute TV” has selected BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: BFCH) as their first Crypto sector Company to be featured for the investment and income opportunities the Company provides Crypto sector investor based audiences as well as those individuals seeking viable work-from-home solutions and opportunities – especially needed now more than ever with the global health restrictions placed on millions of workers worldwide. BitFrontier Capital Holdings is proud to be such an integral part of providing millions of individuals worldwide in desperate need of such investing and work-from-home opportunities.

BitFrontier Capital Holdings’ featured segment on the popular Crypto investment and business program “Exploring The Block” as seen on the FOX Business Network will also be aired to coincide with the launch of the Company’s Crypto Minute TV marketing campaign. Exact airing date and time will be announced upon confirmation from “Exploring The Block”.

Crypto Minute TV will also soon be releasing a Podcast conducted by senior Executives from Crypto Minute TV to explain in more detail the Company’s “Crypto-Prenuer” program and TV advertising campaign for BFCH and how each will be instrumental in the rapid expansion of BitFrontier Capital Holdings’ mining and hosting operations in the state of Virginia and elsewhere. The Podcast availability will be announced by the Companies in official news releases, on their Social Media venues and Subscriber Newsletters as well as when and where interested parties can access and listen.  

About BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc.:

BitFrontier Capital Holdings' business plan is to concentrate on crypto-currency related investments and development opportunities through crypto-currency mining, investments in private and/or public entities, joint ventures, and acquisitions of block-chain related companies. BitFrontier Capital Holdings has two wholly owned operating subsidiaries, BitFrontier Capital Investments, Inc. and BitFrontier Technologies, Inc. Through the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, BitFrontier Technologies, Inc., the Company is currently in the final stages of construction of a warehouse specifically designed for hosting crypto-currency mining equipment. Crypto-currency mining (e.g. Bitcoin mining) entails running ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit servers or other specialized servers which solve a set of prescribed complex mathematical calculations in order to add a block to a block-chain and thereby confirm digital asset transactions. A party which is successful in adding a block to the block-chain is awarded a fixed number of digital assets in return.

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About “Crypto Minute TV”: 

Nothing has the far-reaching power or effectiveness of, “As Seen On TV”. “Crypto Minute TV” can put the eyes of the world on your Crypto enterprise by showcasing your company's brand, products, services, and investment opportunities to hundreds of millions of households across the country and around the world on the most recognized networks and crypto dedicated programs in the industry as seen on FOX Business, Bloomberg TV, Cox Digital Media, PBS and more! “Crypto Minute TV” will be featured on networks and programs that are literally household names, watched by investors around the world, and each segment will be aired at optimal times and during specific programs to maximize exposure to the investment and crypto communities. Crypto Minute TV clients now have direct access to crypto/investor based audiences in the United States and around the world. Crypto Minute TV’s exclusive “Crypto-Prenuer” program connects individuals seeking work-from-home investment and income generating opportunities with the Crypto sector companies and resources that make them available. Interested parties can visit to learn more about specific opportunities, featured companies, and networks as well as broadcast content. “Crypto Minute TV” also offers a free regularly distributed “Crypto Minute News & Report” on its website with information on its Featured Companies and other various crypto investment and work-at-home related opportunities. For instant alerts and updates.

For more information about Crypto Minute TV visit them at and be sure to follow them at - @CryptoMinuteTV


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