Seoul, Korea - (NewMediaWire) - December 31, 2022 - DASVERSE (Ltd.) has announced on <date of publication> that it will be introducing the cutting-edge services of 'Art Metaverse' and 'Dynamic Art OTT' with LGE at the world's largest technology consumer convention, 'CES 2023' in Las Vegas which will be held for 4 days from Jan. 5th 2023 to the 8th and where keywords such as 'Web3 & Metaverse' are expected to grab the attention.

After presenting the company's advanced blockchain technology and art-tech Artnomics system at last year's 'CES 2022', the blockchain based digital art company DASVERSE currently has built the world of 'Daily Art Story Universe', backed with the patent of allowing them to create UHD images that reveals detailed brushstrokes and textures of fine artworks. Furthermore, DASVERSE is able to optimize UHD fine artworks and present it onto virtual spaces in the metaverse with their technology patents.

"It is exciting to see the universe brought by the Art Metaverse platform open up to the world through LG's excellent TVs. Art enthusiasts can now walk inside a virtual museum, interact with their favorite artists, admire their work and much more in a virtual reality world comparable to reality," DASVERSE CEO RJ Park says regarding DASVERSE's attendance to CES 2023.

In addition, DASVERSE has taken masterpiece artworks and recreated them to a dynamic media clip with music, allowing many to appreciate such artworks with ease. Dubbed as 'Therapeutic Art OTT Service', this service will be available in LG web OS TV. After its initial launch on March 3rd next year in Korea, it is expected to expand globally.

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