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Hestia Insight Inc. Begins Healthcare Operations

Las Vegas, NV - (NewMediaWire) - June 11, 2020 - Hestia Insight Inc. (OTC: HSTA) today announced that it has entered the healthcare sector to explore emerging healthcare technologies, especially growth companies that own intellectual property. “We will promote the selected companies for marketing and sales in the U.S. and global marketplace. We also look to make strategic acquisitions and mergers or joint ventures to enhance healthcare needs,” said Edward C. Lee, Chairman and President of HSTA.

John Z. Lin, M.D., Vice President of Business Development for Hestia, will oversee the technology and commercialization evaluations for the new healthcare projects. Mr. Lin has more than 30 years’ experience in biomedical technologies and the healthcare field in the research lab and tech-based business development and management. He will work on the due diligence, analysis, and negotiations with the Hestia team.

According to McKinsey & Co. data, institutional investors have pumped more than $80 billion into healthcare in the last five years. Regulators are pushing interoperability, the integration of technology, and freeing up data to be used for the patient. Consumer-centric priorities will increase above 27% to 81% from offering of variety of options to improving customer experience in healthcare trend which have 3%-11% capability now, which means plenty of room for improvement. Many investment strategies could be utilized to win huge growth in healthcare industry.

“Throughout years, we found healthcare companies with great products and technology that were not able to enter marketplace in an effective way, often with a lack of connections to healthcare industry’s professionals. After COVID-19 we believe consumers are ready to adapt to a new healthcare ecosystem. It will bring more hope to consumers,” said Mr. Lee.

The global healthcare market reached a value of nearly $8,452 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% since 2014, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% to nearly $11,909 billion by 2022.

Hestia understands this opportunity and has begun to sign agreements and to expand our core healthcare business model into new dimensions.  Please visit, stock symbol HSTA, click news, to read about the Company’s newest Memorandum of Understanding with a healthcare company in Taiwan.

ABOUT HESTIA INSIGHT INC.:  ( provides strategic consulting services for selective micro, small and medium sized companies in the healthcare, biotech and fintech sectors.  Hestia Insight Inc. and its representative offices in Taipei and Shanghai provide extensive, important connections and international insights which can be vital for pre-public and public emerging growth companies.

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