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How QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach), a Sports Medicine Clinic, is Helping Patients Ward Off Chronic Pain

Boynton Beach, FL - (NewMediaWire) - August 12, 2022 - via QC Kinetix -- QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) is helping to reduce patients’ chronic pain with their well-formulated regenerative medicine. Patients visiting the pain control clinic will be happy to know that biologic therapies are linked to shortened recovery times, which means a speedy return to regular work routine and improved quality of life. For injured athletes, the clinic’s non-surgical sports medicine treatments are effective in hip pain treatment, back pain treatment, knee pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, arthritis pain treatment, joint pain treatment, and more. QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) board-certified doctors have extensive experience helping patients overcome injuries and ailments naturally. 

As a leader in regenerative medical solutions, QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) is delighted to provide advanced restorative therapies and personalized biologic treatment plans. The treatment works by repairing and restoring injured and damaged tissues without prescription pills or costly invasive surgery. Pain doctors based at the clinic are regularly updated on advanced restorative treatment strategies to be more responsive to the needs of patients. When patients visit the clinic, the medical team will begin the intervention by assessing the symptoms before choosing the appropriate custom therapies to get rid of the pain. 

QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) is part of the wider QC Kinetix regenerative medical franchise spread across the nation. The pain clinic has assembled a team of experienced and skilled clinicians to administer treatment and support throughout the entire course of recovery. Lead providers are Dr. Sander Fernandez, MD; Caitlin Sablotsky, PA-C; and Milton Menco, PA-C, a certified Physician Assistant. His background is in exercise physiology. Dr. Sander Fernandez is a Medical Director and board-certified family medicine physician whose specialty areas are regenerative medicine and non-surgical pain treatment.  Caitlin Sablotsky, PA-C, has worked with various Orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic urgent care centers. Her experience spans several fields, including orthopedics and sports medicine. 

The pain clinic is happy to help patients achieve lasting relief without being forced to undergo risky invasive surgeries. Patients also enjoy personalized, concierge-level service from skilled sports medicine treatment providers and support staff. For athletes injured due to elbow pain, the medical team takes care of the pain and will design a customized treatment plan. The most widely utilized treatments for elbow pain involve laser treatments and other approved non-invasive treatment protocols. As part of the treatment, the sports doctors will probe the root cause of pain before recommending the treatment to restore the body back to normalcy. To learn more about their Boynton Beach office, call the clinic to speak to a member of the medical team or visit the QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) website. 

The clinic’s sports medicine is a modern and reliable approach to treatment compared to traditional treatment methods. With sports medicine, patients can enjoy increased healing and a shorter recovery time. The treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) will also provide useful preventive care instructions by advising patients on the best ways to prevent injuries and avoid re-injury. Another way sports medicine can benefit patients who play sports or are into fitness is that it can help heighten their performance. They can soon get back to doing what they love and live an active lifestyle. YouTube video testimonials appearing on the QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) website indicates remarkable improvements witnessed by patients. A case in point is a patient suffering from severe shoulder pain exacerbated by torn rotator cuffs. He remarks how regenerative medicine helped him overcome constant throbbing and pain, thereby enabling him to resume play, work out, and work. 

The medical team at QC Kinetix (Boynton Beach) can be contacted at (561) 556-9000. Their clinic is located at 1301 N Congress Ave, Suite 420, Boynton Beach, FL, 33426, US. Patients are encouraged to request a no-obligation consultation to help the medical team establish areas that need to be targeted for the pain they are experiencing and the sequence of treatments. The consultation also provides an opportunity to learn about the cost of treatment.

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