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HQGE's Big M Entertainment Pictures Releases Updated Development and Production Schedules and Launches New Coastline NFT Collection on

Los Angeles, CA - (NewMediaWire) - June 09, 2021 - HQ Global Education, Inc. (OTC: HQGE) and its wholly owned operating subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures (BMEP) has released an update of its development and production schedule detailing the current status of all projects currently on the calendar. This update also includes BMEP’s launch of a new COASTLINE NFT Collection. 

The company also plans to begin adding select press interviews to its future updates in an effort to provide a wider range of information and a more consolidated picture of BMEP’s overall production progress and other company news.

HQGE President and BMEP CEO Marvin Williams commented, “In addition to providing our periodic ongoing update to the public and our shareholders regarding the full range of our Intellectual Property, we are pleased today to spotlight two special items. The narration of our documentary film, “Trees – A Planetary Treasure”, has been completed and is in final review and we expect to finish it within the coming days, at which time we will also release the identity of the narrator. We are also officially announcing that work is now underway on our newly launched COASTLINE NFT Collection project, which upon completion will culminate in another 90-minute documentary film.

*BMEP NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Collections Update



CAPTURED: Majority of pickups from producer notes completed. Final FX / Pickups from producer notes to be scheduled.
WRONG FOR RIGHT: Production Script ordered. Pre-production scheduled after approved script. Possible late June Pre-Production start.
LIVE: Production Script Ordered. Pre-production scheduled after approved script. Possible late June Pre-Production start.
ROSAMOND: Production timeline TBD once financing is secured. Currently pitching interested private equity financiers.
THE VACATION: Production timeline TBD once financing is secured.
AVENUE M: Production timeline TBD once financing is secured.
TRAILER: Treatment completed. Production Script required, not yet ordered.


TREES: Narrator Secured. Narration currently being reviewed and added to edited film. Distribution announcement pending final review. Preparing soundtrack production.
COASTLINE: Currently in sporadic production through November of 2021. Production/location filming for Coastline taking place between projects.
DISTANCE: Treatment/Scattered Production, ongoing “IN-HOUSE” project.


CHEF MAX’S KITCHEN: Currently pitching to Entertainment Associates and currently considering producing the reality series “In House”
WOW: Scripted drama, treatment/script in development, currently negotiating series / pilot financing. Currently not funded.
MSB: Scripted drama, treatment/script in development, currently negotiating series / financing. Currently not funded.

TREES – Currently assembling talent for multi track album to be released on a host of major music streaming platforms.

NFT and Film Production: the new wave in blockchain disruption


HQ Global Education, Inc. is the parent company of Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc., a full-service film and TV production company located in the heart of Los Angeles. The company was founded by Marvin Williams, who brings with him more than fifteen years’ experience working with music, film and TV projects covering a wide range of budgets and scope. Headed by Mr. Williams and a seasoned team of Hollywood veterans, Big M Entertainment is able to draw on its broad and talented base of writers, producers, directors, editors and technicians to provide complete services and assistance at every phase of film and TV content creation, including concept development, writing, editing, cinematography, visual effects and post-production. The company is also an industry pioneer in the fast-growing fields of online content and micro-budget film creation and is currently engaged in a number of projects being created specifically for concurrent or integrated release both in theaters and for home viewing or on personal devices.

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