DUBAI - (NewMediaWire) - March 27, 2023 -(ACN Newswire)Rare FND, the Blockchain based fundraising platform that enables charities and start-ups to raise funds through Blockchain technology recently announced Mohammed Al Banna, a well-known entrepreneur, as the newest advisor and a co-founder of the platform. Rare FND provides a new and innovative approach to fundraising, enabling charities and start-ups to bypass traditional intermediaries and raise capital through blockchain technology. Rare FND is a non-profit organisation made up of individuals who are experts in their field and will support the ecosystem together.


Mohammed al Banna will help Rare FND launch its crowdfunding, offered within 'Rare City'. Rare City plans to bring together museums, galleries, education, and crowdfunding to make art, learning and fundraising more accessible, while enhancing what both the real world and digital world have to offer. It serves as a platform for startups and charities that offers information, demonstrations, and addresses any inquiries during their crowdfunding campaign at Additionally, Rare City provides an immersive learning experience with courses tailored to a set curriculum.


Mohamed is a prominent member of the entrepreneurial community in the UAE, and he is known to provide strategic and advisory services to members of the Royal Family Offices. Mohamed has a strong passion for developing innovative ideas and transforming them into successful businesses. With this vision in mind, he is working alongside several royal family members as an advisor, where he has built a strong network and helps executives to achieve their full potential.


This fits perfectly with Rare FND's vision and confirms that his contribution is what Rare FND is looking for. Having served in various leadership and advisory roles throughout his career, Mohamed will bring a wealth of experience to Rare FND, while collaborating in the development of new strategies that will enhance the company's ability to support charitable organisations and start-ups in the UAE.


"I am excited to join Rare FND and support the platform's mission of helping charities and start-ups raise funds using blockchain technology," said Mohammed Al Banna. "I have always been passionate about supporting worthy causes and entrepreneurs, and I believe that Rare FND offers a unique and innovative way to do just that. I am looking forward to working with the team and contributing to their continued success and growth story."


Rare FND Founder and CEO, Ryan Howells commented, "We are thrilled to have Mohammed Al Banna join us as an advisor and co-founder. His expertise and knowledge will be invaluable as we continue to grow our platform and expand our reach across the UAE. We believe that his passion for supporting charities and entrepreneurs aligns perfectly with our mission and values, and we look forward to working together to make a positive impact on society. In addition to charity and start-ups, Rare FND brings immersive learning to the Metaverse which aligns perfectly with my vision to further develop education."


The platform is committed to providing a secure, transparent, and efficient way for charities and start-ups to raise funds while creating a positive social impact. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey that includes many success stories along this partnership.


About Rare FND


RareFnd is a revolutionary Crowdfunding platform that's built on the blockchain, and not only do you receive the initial 10% of your funding goal, backers can also earn rewards on top of investing in your campaign. Rare FND makes crowdfunding for charities and projects easy through innovative leveraged staking technology with NFT delivery solutions for rewards and incentives.


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