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One World Universe Acquires Innovative "Tubeless" Tire Technology Company Tyreless, Inc.

Huntington Beach, CA - (NewMediaWire) - December 29, 2021 - One World Universe Inc. (OTC: OWUV), a publicly traded company that invests in sports related businesses, distressed assets, business opportunities within emerging industries such as the Metaverse and providing humanitarian efforts in over 185 countries, announced today it has acquired Tyreless, Inc., an innovative “tubeless” tire technology company. 

The Tyreless system is “The Evolution of Revolution®” and in fact, Tyreless is Tireless. Tyreless™ likely represents the single greatest innovation since the invention of the wheel itself. The greatest advantage that Tyreless™ offers over other expensive or labor-intensive solutions, is that Tyreless™ offers one solution that fits any diameter rim and any width rim with no tools. It is currently estimated to provide at least ten thousand miles of reliable travel before needing replacement, which is between 4 and 5 times more mileage than the average pneumatic tire, assuming it never gets punctured. In order to find an ultra-durable universal tire replacement solution that doesn’t even require tools, we had to create something that isn’t even a tire as we know it—a tire made of a patented material that has NO TUBE! The Tyreless™ tire system is the first segmented tire replacement system that once locked in place, only comes off when unlocked, and can be created in a full range of road, surface and weather specific treads that can be switched in minutes without even taking the wheel off the frame. 

“The modern pneumatic tire, from aircraft landing tires down to wheelbarrow tires solve many problems as far as shock absorption and surface grip and traction, yet, these marvels of the modern world, especially bicycle tires, are incredibly vulnerable to punctures, ruptures and several other related failures. And we haven’t even gotten to the practically indestructible tubeless tires like what we now own! Even in the developed world, a child’s bike can sit for weeks or months waiting for a patch or replacement but imagine living in a place like Africa or India, where doctors and healthcare workers rely on bicycles for their sole form of transportation but are so poorly paid that one flat tire can cost a month’s wages, yet they can easily get one flat a day. We will be giving these tires to our military all the way to third world countries in the new year, along with expanding the material applications for development of sporting equipment and self defense protection,” stated Jerry C. Craig, CEO of OWUV.

Tyreless™ will be a mission driven social impact for profit B Corporation that will donate product based on volume of retail sales and will provide and facilitate opportunities for huge donations of the Tyreless™ for humanitarian purposes through cobranding sponsorships and partnerships with major corporations who want to support the mission and impact of reliable transportation for individuals and communities around the world.

As previously mentioned, the company is feverishly attempting to deliver on previously mentioned commitments. Management anticipates daily updates and does not rule out the possibility of multiple daily announcements based on the fluidity of timely developments, completed agreements, negotiations and delivered information. 

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About One World Universe, Inc.

One World Universe (OTC:OWUV) is a California corporation whose mission driven business is implementing global humanitarian efforts through the profits generated from the sales of products and services to improve people's lives living in the harshest environments and their communities. Our company has contributed valuable resources such as access to (PPE) personal protective equipment, medications, vaccines, and educational support programs where play and basic necessities are essential.

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