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OTC:ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) Announces the Global Rollout Plan for Its Revolutionary Mongoose External Firefighting Lance, a World First for Compartment Firefighting

NEW YORK, NY - (NewMediaWire) - May 26, 2021 -  ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) is a M&A company focussed on acquiring and developing technology-based companies globally. ILUS has already completed three acquisitions during the first quarter of 2021 and is currently in various stages of negotiation regarding several more acquisitions. The company’s first acquisition, FireBug, a firefighting equipment and emergency services vehicle manufacturer which holds its own patented technology, has announced the global rollout plan for its much anticipated Mongoose external firefighting lance, with sales already rapidly on the increase. 


The extensive FireBug product range is sold globally through a network of 43 distributors and includes firefighting and rescue vehicles from small to large, a range of customised lightweight fire vehicle bodies built to order, UTV firefighting vehicles including electric UTV vehicle solutions, MistMax firefighting skid units, floating pumps and strainers, BacPac portable water mist fire suppression kits, MistNozzle water mist firefighting nozzles and finally, the Mongoose external firefighting lance, which is used primarily for the cooling and extinguishing of compartment fires. 

Due to increased urbanisation and technological advancements, there has been a sharp increase in the occurrence of compartment fires in urban areas. A “compartment” fire is typically a fire that takes place in a room or enclosed structure but could also take place under the hood of a vehicle or aircraft fuselage. Firefighting in compartment fires carries a much greater risk than most typical fires. Placing firefighters in compartments at the height of the fire puts stresses on their bodies due to the extreme heat and associated physical exertion. Firefighters and victims could face temperatures of up to 1,300 °F, which means the optimal solution for tackling compartment fires is to do so remotely. 

Traditionally, firefighters have often resorted to tactical venting actions to relieve any build-up of superheated fire gases. The breaking of windows near or ahead of the fire or the opening of roofs is often successful in achieving some relief from heat for crews working the interior of a structure. However, such a strategy may also lead to an event of extreme fire behaviour or rapid fire development such as flashover or even an explosion when additional air feeds into the fire area. This sudden intensification of the fire may again overpower the hose line use and the firefighters or victims within a structure. 

When fighting compartment fires with conventional firefighting nozzles, a technique has been developed which is aimed at cooling the super-heated fire gases in a compartment fire. This technique entails placing small amounts of water droplets into the overhead area of the fire using brief nozzle “pulsations”. This pulsing technique offers distinct advantages over traditional methods of directing a straight stream of water at the ceiling but the amount of pulsing required is dependent on the room geometry and fire conditions. Whilst the pulsing technique is significantly more effective than traditional methods, it requires significant training and understanding in order to effectively and safely use this method. The risk of getting this technique wrong can be fatal – too little water will allow the fire to develop further and too much can be even more dangerous as it can increase the temperature drastically when the water converts to steam. The increased training requirement makes it difficult for volunteer fire brigades or less experienced firefighters to tackle compartment fires in a safe and effective manner using existing conventional technology. 

As ILUS continues to disrupt the emergency services and rescue industry with innovative, game changing technology, it has developed a highly effective, safe and cost effective approach to suppressing and extinguishing compartment fires. Using its revolutionary water mist technology, ILUS’ Mongoose external firefighting lance can be used to fight interior compartment fires from the exterior of the structure or room by piercing the firefighting lance through a small hole created in a door, window, wall or ceiling using a drill or compartment entry tools (halligan tool, axe etc.). This allows firefighters to suppress the fire from a safer position whilst using thermal camera technology to monitor the heat within the compartment and enter once sufficiently cooled. FireBug’s patented low-pressure water mist technology is injected into the compartment through the external firefighting lance and delivers the compartment cooling capability without the risk of injecting too much water into the compartment which would otherwise cause the heat to rapidly increase. The Mongoose is capable of cooling a compartment fire from 1,300 °F to 200°F within 60 seconds. 

The Mongoose delivers 40–50 micron water mist droplets covering a large surface area into a compartment which rapidly cools the area, scrubs the smoke and suppresses the fire. The flow rate for the Mongoose is 13 GPM meaning that it has the potential to cool and suppress compartment fires with only 13 gallons of water. The Mongoose is completely unique in that it can operate on an existing fire truck on existing hose lines, without requiring a separate pump and hose reel. It can however also be deployed with FireBug’s MistMax pump solution on existing vehicles such as ILUS’ E-Raptor Electric Utility Vehicle or smaller vehicles such as Pickup Trucks or other Utility Vehicles. Other industry solutions require a separate high pressure pump, hose reel and often a dedicated vehicle whilst also requiring a chemical additive or agent to be added to the water in order for it to be effective in firefighting. 

ILUS’ Mongoose delivers significant advantages to firefighters globally. The Mongoose’s easy plug and play functionality enables quick fitting and use without the need for any additional engineering. Minimal training is required for Mongoose deployment with less crew required meaning that crew can focus on other urgent requirements simultaneously. In addition to the technology being deployed on existing vehicles with standard hose lines, it can even be deployed from a fire hydrant in certain scenarios. Unlike its competitors, the Mongoose can also be deployed on aerial ladders, making it possible for firefighters to use it for safe suppression of high rise compartment fires. The Mongoose can be used with fresh or salt water, also making it ideal for marine environments and shipping container fires, which currently present a major challenge for the shipping industry. Finally, the lightweight and compact Mongoose can be stored on existing firefighting vehicles or on FireBug’s compact rapid response firefighting vehicles. 

Since its initial launch prior to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, the Mongoose has been sold through distributors in India, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. The technology has been continuously refined and improved and now, with travel restrictions steadily decreasing, the appointment of new distributors taking place and with new markets opening up, ILUS is expanding sales of the Mongoose to all its distributors internationally. Sales in India and the Middle East have already increased sharply, and ILUS’ growing sales pipeline for the Mongoose includes significant opportunities in North America, Europe, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. ILUS is also in discussions with two global Other Equipment Manufacturing Partners (OEM Partners) for the integration of the technology into their product offerings which are sold globally. ILUS expects to close at least one of these significant partnerships for a technology partnership rollout in the third quarter of 2021. 

ILUS Director, John-Paul Backwell, said the following of the newly announced rollout plans for the Mongoose: “Jaws literally drop wherever we demonstrate the Mongoose as customers witness first hand how quickly it is capable of cooling compartment fires. The ease of use, safety and affordability of the technology makes it even more compelling. I am so excited about this technology now being rolled out internationally and have no doubt that it will make a significant impact on the firefighting industry.”

The Mongoose is currently manufactured in the UK where manufacturing capacity is currently being drastically scaled up to accommodate ILUS’ international expansion plans. With new facilities planned for India and the USA during the remainder of 2021, ILUS will further scale up its assembly and stock holding capability in its key growth locations. 

In conclusion, CEO of ILUS, Nick Link, commented: “The Mongoose delivers clear benefits to firefighters globally. Competitive solutions are overpriced and inefficient, therefore we are already seeing significant demand for the Mongoose’s capability. Once again, I am so proud of what our team has developed and we are proving that our patented water mist technology has multiple revolutionary capabilities across the fire and life safety sectors.”

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