PCG Advisory Inc. Launches New Media Venture CEO3in60 to Showcase CEOs and Their Companies

New Service Connects Businesses and Investors

NEW YORK, NY - (NewMediaWire) - May 07, 2019 - PCG Advisory Inc., formerly known as PCG Advisory Group, announces the release of CEO3in60, a brand-new web venture that endeavors to connect investors to tomorrow’s hottest up and coming businesses. This innovative new series gives CEOs sixty-seconds to list the top three reasons why our broad network of investors should invest in their company.

With CEO3in60, investors get one-on-one access to the CEO of their next possible venture and learn the top three reasons why that company deserves their time and money. This project puts CEOs on the spot, introducing the business world to the men and women charged with trailblazing their company’s future.

CEO3in60 gives the business community a completely new media experience, providing the kind of insight you need to make informed, deliberate decisions in today’s information-saturated and constantly changing environment. PCG Advisory Inc. is proud to connect these companies with the investors they need to put their mark on today’s business world through invention and innovation.

“For over 10 years PCG Advisory has been dedicated to helping companies increase their exposure, market value, and long-term growth,” said PCG Advisory Inc., CEO, Jeff Ramson. “We believe video is a great way to reach the modern investor. CEO3in60 is a perfect platform for companies to instantly and effectively deliver their message to the investment community.”

For CEOs, CEO3in60 provides a unique opportunity to broadcast your company and its mission to hundreds of thousands of potential investors and collaborators who can help bring your business to the next level. Featured CEOs will receive a high-quality piece of professional video content as well as distribution to PCG Advisory Inc.’s in-house database of investors and a full suite of digital services ensuring you get the widespread reach you’ve been looking for. Prior to filming, CEOs will get support from the full CEO3in60 production team, which will help you prepare your top three strengths and advise you on everything from writing tips to wardrobe, culminating in a professionally filmed and edited piece of marketing collateral.

Those interested in learning about new, up and coming businesses or potential future investment opportunities, make sure to check out the featured videos here. For CEOs looking to profile their company on CEO3in60, you can learn about our different production packages on the services page or simply submit the form if you have further questions about the process and potential impact of a featured video on CEO3in60.

About PCG Advisory Inc.

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