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Seattle, WA - (NewMediaWire) - October 17, 2023 -, a leading publisher and content provider originally founded by Leif Dahleen M.D., announces the launch of its new platform and the inclusion of new partners Nirav H. Shah M.D., Jorge Sanchez M.D., and Vinci Palad. The new partners acquired a majority stake from Dr. Dahleen as he intends to retire. The new platform includes a website of educational content and digital products aimed at helping physicians and high-income earners learn and plan for financial independence and retire early (FIRE) as part of the FIRE movement. Physicianonfire’s goal is to “use technology to put a CFO in every doctor’s pocket,” says Nirav Shah. “Most doctors are neither consumers nor businesses and so their needs are quite different than either as they have high income and often run businesses directly or as investments.”

FIRE is a movement that stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. As the name suggests, the goal of this movement is to find ways to gain financial freedom and retire early by making smart financial decisions. Achieving FIRE requires the implementation of specialized strategies and that is where comes in. offers a wide variety of content and tools for providers to learn about financial literacy and independence. Moreover, the platform’s thriving community of 40,000 physicians engages on topics relevant to their needs from burnout related to financial debt after medical training, personal finance issues, and business planning. Historically, FIRE has been focused on frugality as a path to financial independence.  However, Dr. Dahleen pioneered the term fatFire, referencing fat wallets for people to plan a lifestyle that is luxurious. While retiring early is an option of FIRE, the movement is predicated on financial security and freedom rather than encouraging people to leave the workforce.

Dr. Dahleen’s new partners Drs. Nirav Shah and Jorge Sanchez successfully founded and sold, which provided software for remote patient monitoring and for clinical care in conditions like hypertension and COVID contact tracing. They successfully exited to Carbon Health, a tech-enabled urgent care and primary care provider. Vinci Palad is a successful digital entrepreneur with broad experience in digital media and e-commerce. The three new partners met through their passion for landscape photography.

The new partners of will play a significant role in broadening the educational content for a wider audience and launch digital products related to tax planning, investing, and debt management aimed at the unique needs of physicians and high-income earners.

“As a young internist, I never had the tools to plan financially for independence. After I sold my first company in healthcare services and subsequent tech company with Nirav, we knew that we could help providers learn more about financial planning and aspire to participate in the future of technology and to give hope back to physicians who may lack knowledge in this area and are looking to be inspired,” Jorge Sanchez M.D said. “By partnering with Leif, we aim to empower the most important part of our healthcare system that has been ignored. For doctors today, debt has risen, the cost of housing is high, and corporate medicine has made it difficult to find alternatives for various lifestyles.”

Through’s unique omnichannel educational platform, the new team will also meet physicians where they are by delivering new information and tools to empower them to pursue alternative paths whether of entrepreneurship in technology, industry, spend time with their families.

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About Physician on Fire: Physician on Fire was founded by Dr. Leif Dahleen in 2016 with the goal of helping physicians and other high-income earners achieve financial independence. The platform offers a wide range of useful educational content as well as digital products to help readers reach their goals. In 2023, the company has added Jorge Sanchez M.D., Vinci Palad, and Nirav H. Shah M.D. as three new partners to enhance its technology capability and expand its content offering.

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