Los Angeles, CA - (NewMediaWire) - October 08, 2019 - Project JAM’s mobile app “Jam Compass”, a community for musicians and music industry professionals, announced today that JAM is co-sponsoring Tayla Parx’s Burnout NYC 2019, alongside Parx Studios (a creative collective that has worked with Lil Nas X and Noah Cyrus, among others), Spire Studio, GreyNoise Studios, Native instruments, Beats, BMI and Urban Cowboy - to be held this week from October 9 – 12 at GreyNoise Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Project JAM has been making headlines recently for receiving an initial investment from DigitalAMN (OTCMKTS: DATI).

“What Tayla has accomplished in her career thus far, is inspirational and impactful, to say the least,” stated Anthony Pisano, CEO, and co-founder of Project JAM. “Just last year, Tayla had three Top 10 Billboard singles. Like many artists, she has had to overcome tremendous obstacles in her life, but what makes her a ‘stand out’, is that Tayla has chosen to share her own personal experiences with the goal of helping others in the industry nurture their own mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. We are honored to have been invited by Tayla Parx’s Burnout Creator Experience, to support this tremendous event. We certainly look forward to further collaborations to benefit the music community.”

As mentioned in Billboard, the goal of the Burnout ‘prevention’ camp is to instill positive self-care practices in all participants and will include: meditation, mindfulness and healthy eating. Tayla and her support staff will be sharing solutions and lessons that they have learned from experience. The format includes 10 - 11 other songwriters also in attendance. Burnout NYC 2019 is thrilled to welcome songwriters from a variety of genres and backgrounds, all with varying levels of professional experience.

“The fact that JAM’s mission is to bring ‘Justice for all Musicians’, resonates with me, considering that the lack of care for a writer, or an artist’s overall health, is in and of itself an injustice propagated by our industry,” stated Tayla Parx. “Burnout is a very real thing that happens within the industry and much of that is due to the subtle servitude that exists. I feel that JAM Compass can truly play a role in helping artists like me, and those I look to help, in having a platform to address these issues – to bring justice not only to the people at the top, but the people on their way there as well.”

Project JAM, which recently announced its Reg CF offering on TruCrowd, Inc.’s music-focused securities crowdfunding portal, MusicFy, will have representatives in attendance at Tayla Parx’s Burnout NYC 2019 in Brooklyn, New York. To learn more about Project JAM and to join the Company’s crowdfunding efforts, please visit www.JamCompass.com.

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The JAM Ecosystem begins with JAM Compass, the central platform connecting music industry professionals, in order to collaborate and find real opportunities. Just open JAM Compass and find exactly what they’re looking for with an easy directed search. Users can search for musicians and industry professionals by instrument, genre, skill, and location. Pro features will include must-have industry tools for daily use such as split sheet integration, smart contract payment tools, instant gig opportunities, marketplace, professional listings, and more.


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