Fort Worth, TX - (NewMediaWire) - September 26, 2022 - via QC Kinetix - Many Americans live with chronic pain due to degenerative conditions, direct trauma, sports-related injuries, and lifestyle choices. Regardless of the source of the pain, finding a long-term solution is crucial to resuming a healthy and mobile life. The most popular treatments primary care physicians prescribe for joint pain are surgical procedures and medication. However, QC Kinetix (Fort Worth) urges patients to ponder using natural, minimally invasive non-surgical therapies that enhance the body’s healing response. 

The clinic comprises a team of medical providers determined to improve pain, decrease inflammation, and repair degenerated tissues. When potential patients first visit the clinic, the treatment providers will use advanced regenerative orthopedic techniques to perform preliminary examinations. Their modern diagnostic equipment discovers the root cause of joint pain/musculoskeletal conditions before the team creates personalized plans or prepares patients for their upcoming treatments. 

Sports and physical activities allow individuals to stay fit while staying healthy, competing with rival teams, enhancing careers, or enjoying time with friends/family. On the other hand, the training time and hard work that goes into playing sports or participating in outdoor activities may alter a person’s life in an instant. QC Kinetix (Fort Worth) recognizes the severity of sports injuries which is why the providers help professional/amateur athletes, weekend warriors, avid adventurers, and gym enthusiasts reduce their chance of developing long-term joint/musculoskeletal problems. The classic advice of rest, ice, compression, and elevation may not be sufficient to see an athlete through an injury. In such an event, the non-surgical therapies of regenerative medicine intervene to stimulate the healing and repair of injured tissue. 

In terms of sports injuries, regenerative therapies speed up what the body naturally does, taking advantage of its natural healing capabilities. They provide long-term relief from tennis elbow, wrist pain, golfer’s elbow, a torn rotator cuff, shoulder pain, torn Achilles tendon, low back pain, finger/toe pain, hand/foot pain, and tendon/ligament tears. The clinic’s regenerative medicine protocols usually work best as part of a recovery routine that allows patients to experience the benefits of biologic therapies and traditional sports injury treatments. 

Whether a person leads an active or inactive lifestyle, knee pain can affect their quality of life. While steroids, arthroscopic surgery, physical therapy, and knee replacement alleviate knee pain symptoms, non-surgical approaches treat the pain at the source. Regenerative therapies rely on the body’s ability to repair itself to treat knee popping/cracking, decreased range of motion, bone-on-bone osteoarthritis, torn meniscus, torn ACL/MCL, and chronic knee pain/instability. Many patients discovered QC Kinetix (Fort Worth) while searching for natural knee pain treatments to help them sit down/stand up, run, perform chores, train in the gym, or play with their children. The providers use a combination of treatments to improve the tissue environment in the injured/tender area.

The clinic’s treatment approaches are becoming popular for musculoskeletal injury relief and the treatment of soft tissue injuries. Since the therapies rely on speeding up recovery and lessening inflammation/pain, patients suffering from sprains, muscle overuse, falls, poor body mechanics, and repetitive/jerking movements can find natural remedies for their conditions. Besides helping patients avoid complicated surgeries or addictive medication, the Fort Worth back pain treatment protocols are an excellent alternative where other traditional orthopedic treatments have failed. 

Alongside sports and musculoskeletal injuries, QC Kinetix (Fort Worth) promotes chronic arthritis pain relief without invasive surgical procedures. Their joint pain protocol includes a variety of treatment approaches to offer arthritic pain relief in the hips, shoulders, legs, wrists, knees, ankles, toes, fingers, and low back. Before starting treatment, the providers comprehensively examine a patient’s condition and health history to discover the most effective minimally invasive option to achieve overall health goals. 

“Our team of industry professionals undergoes top-of-the-line training and education to provide our clients with therapies that alleviate their chronic pain. In addition, we take great pride in providing the highest level of customer service, as giving our clients the freedom to live without pain is our purpose.” – Company Representative.

To learn more about regenerative medicine, visit the clinic’s website or call (972) 972-8610 to request a consultation. QC Kinetix (Fort Worth) is located at 1650 W Rosedale St Suite 302, Fort Worth, TX, 76104, US. 

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