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QC Kinetix (Independence), a Cleveland Clinic, Provides Effective Chronic Pain Treatment Through Regenerative Medicine

INDEPENDENCE, OH - (NewMediaWire) - September 27, 2022 - (via QC Kinetix) - QC Kinetix (Independence) sees regenerative orthopedics as a reliable counter treatment to surgery for patients with chronic pain and sports injuries. The treatment has catapulted QC Kinetix (Independence) into the go-to clinic for hip surgery and knee replacement alternatives. Unlike expensive and risky invasive joint replacement surgery, where patients are often forced to wear foreign metal or plastic material, regenerative medicine treatment is less risky. It also requires minimal time to restore damaged or injured tissues. The average cost of knee replacement surgery in Ohio is set at about $33,000. With natural treatments, such as what the Independence pain control clinic offers, patients can experience a less costly alternative to surgery and avoid breaking the bank. 

The treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Independence) feature board-certified physicians with extensive experience working with patients seeking regenerative medicine to achieve long-lasting results. For patients with sports injuries, the providers will narrow down the root cause of the problem to alleviate pain and associated musculoskeletal injuries. The clinic also treats back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis pain, and elbow pain. 

Regenerative orthopedics administered by the pain control clinic are carefully aligned to improve pain and the quality of life metric over the course of time. The doctors have made the entire treatment experience palatable by providing personalized, concierge-level service on top of the treatment protocols. Lead practitioner Aaron Wolkoff, DO, CAQSM, is a fellowship-trained orthopedic sports medicine specialist. The Ohio native graduated from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and moved to South Pointe Hospital to complete his residency and fellowship. The other board-certified practitioner is Jessica Gross, FNP-C, a Family Nurse Practitioner certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She holds a BSc in Nursing from the University of Toledo and an MSc in Nursing from Otterbein University. Jessica is certified in the practice of Polarity Therapy and Functional Medicine.

The pain control clinic’s treatment for knee pain can help patients avoid the reality of going under the knife or being placed in an unending regimen of pain-relieving medications. Treatment for lower back pain is formulated to improve common back problems arising from heavy lifting, sports injuries, pregnancy, and poor posture. Patients involved in car accidents are also key beneficiaries of the treatment. Check out the clinic’s website to learn more about their Independence office and how they help improve the quality of life of patients experiencing pain.

QC Kinetix Regenerative medicine blog is a vital resource that analyzes the latest treatments and trends in non-surgical treatments with a bias toward regenerative medicine. Two recent articles delve deep into uncovering the benefits of the new regenerative treatment and the demerits of Biofreeze in delivering long-term relief against chronic pain. In the analysis, the improvement in restorative function shows biologic therapies can go a long way to promote the replacement and restoration of damaged body cells and tissues. The full course of treatment runs for about 6 to 8 weeks. It will involve a unique treatment plan that is centered around the patient’s condition, helping to relieve their pain in a short time so they can get back to doing what they love. Lastly, patients will be happy to know that the regenerative treatment preparation process carries less red tape because of the support in insurance matters.

The pain control clinic operates under the umbrella of the QC Kinetix medical franchise. Patients are encouraged to request zero obligation consultation to learn more about the treatment options and their suitability to undergo the same treatment. When submitting a request for a consultation with a skilled and experienced pain doctor, patients are asked to submit recognized personal identification,  correspondence details, preferred clinic location, and where they learned about the clinic. 

To speak one-on-one with the treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Independence), clients can call them at (216) 770-5488. The pain control clinic is located at 6701 Rockside Rd, Suite 360, Independence, Ohio, 44131, US.

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