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QC Kinetix (Lubbock) Offers a New Approach to Sports Injury and Pain Treatment with Regenerative Medicine

Lubbock, TX - (NewMediaWire) - January 24, 2023 - via QC Kinetix - As more innovative treatment solutions emerge, QC Kinetix (Lubbock) is committed to helping patients experience the best in regenerative medicine by providing relief solutions to chronic pain and sports injuries. The clinic’s natural treatments address conditions such as knee, elbow, hip, ankle, and muscle pain and more.  They also treat pain due to degenerative conditions like arthritis, which can make movements such as lifting, bending, twisting, standing, or walking difficult. 

Chronic pain such as back pain may also emerge as a result of some simple causes, including posture, especially for people who work/sit at a desk for too long, lack of exercise, which can make the spine or muscles stiffen up, and other reasons. With the clinic’s individualized therapies, patients can find relief from pain due to different causes and reach their desired treatment goals.

"I always thought the solution to my chronic knee pain was going through a knee replacement Lubbock procedure, but QC Kinetix (Lubbock) has opened my eyes to the possibilities of regenerative medicine," said a professional football player. “Since beginning the therapy, I can already feel a difference and am excited to get back in action.”

For a long time, the solution for degenerative knee problems was limited to surgery. Now, QC Kinetix (Lubbock)’s viable treatment alternative through regenerative medicine is helping patients avoid invasive surgical procedures such as knee and hip replacement. In addition to enjoying a minimally invasive procedure, patients will also enjoy faster recovery times and be able to perform regular activities in a few days or weeks. 

Athletes, weekend warriors, avid players, and other patient groups don’t have to worry about missing out on their favorite sport for too long due to an injury. With the reliable treatments, they can get back to the field in a short time. The pain control clinic addresses sports injuries, including sprains, strains, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, back injuries, and others. The treatments also help strengthen weak or damaged tissues, therefore helping patients to avoid re-injury.

The Lubbock pain control clinic’s focus on providing quality treatment solutions for patients is further accompanied by its goal to offer concierge-level services. While patients go through their treatment journey, the clinic makes it easier by providing logistical support for a better clinical experience. 

For many patients who may not know how regenerative medicine works, the treatment providers are happy to answer any questions, provide clarifications or address any concerns. They invite patients to schedule an appointment with a physician, and patients can do this through the website. 

During the consultation, which takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes, the physician will conduct an evaluation by first assessing the patient’s medical history and may also perform additional tests for a comprehensive diagnosis. Afterward, the physician will inform the patient whether they are eligible for regenerative medicine treatments. Due to medical reasons, the clinic does not recommend the treatments to some groups, including cancer patients, patients undergoing dialysis or those with a compromised immune system, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.

However, if a patient is a suitable candidate, the physician will tailor a unique treatment plan that meets their needs. They will also explain what the treatment entails and how soon to expect changes. The compassionate medical providers will follow up on how the treatments are working and may make necessary adjustments for optimal results.

Visit the Lubbock pain control clinic’s website for more information on their services or to read through testimonials from past patients. The website also offers more information on regenerative medicine in the News & Blogs section, and individuals can read through the FAQ section to help them understand the clinic’s services more and make informed decisions. The website also shows different QC Kinetix locations to help individuals see the one closest to them for quick consultation and treatment services.

QC Kinetix (Lubbock) is located at 4903 82nd St, Suite 50, Lubbock, TX, 79424, US. Get in touch with the medical providers by calling (806) 334-3320. 

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Company Name: QC Kinetix (Lubbock)

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Phone: (806) 334-3320

Address: 4903 82nd St, Suite 50

City: Lubbock

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