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QC Kinetix (Shoney) Offers The Latest In Sports Medicine To Huntsville Athletes

Huntsville, AL - (NewMediaWire) - September 28, 2022 - via QC Kinetix - Sports medicine is trending toward alternative treatments, and QC Kinetix (Shoney) is offering athletes these biologic therapies. Whether knee pain, joint pain, or muscle pain, the clinic's treatment providers are dedicated to helping their patients find relief from pain and improve their quality of life. The benefit of these restorative therapies is they help the body heal itself through a more natural process. In addition, restorative therapies are less invasive and have fewer side effects.

"Has your back ever hurt so much that it felt like someone was stabbing you with a knife? At QC Kinetix (Shoney), we know how debilitating back pain can be. We offer the latest in restorative medicine to Huntsville athletes so they can rehabilitate and get back in the game."

The shoulder is one of the body parts that experience heavy use. From journeymen who may use it to carry their toolboxes to collegiate athletes who may use it to throw a football, the shoulder is constantly in use. Injuries to the shoulder are common and can sideline even the most elite athletes. QC Kinetix (Shoney)’s regenerative therapies can help promote healing and reduce pain in the shoulder, so athletes can get back to doing what they love.

Every sports person understands their success depends on their agility and the flexibility of their joints. However, age and wear can lead to joint stiffness and pain. This puts a damper on not only their game but also their quality of life. Fortunately, the Huntsville joint pain treatment clinic's regenerative therapies can help relieve joint pain and improve flexibility. The clinic's minimum invasive techniques help speed up the repair process while reducing the risk of adverse effects.

Whether one is an avid swimmer or a hockey player, the need to bend, twist and turn is a fundamental requirement for many sports. Unfortunately, these motions can lead to debilitating hip pain. QC Kinetix (Shoney) uses the latest regenerative therapies to help repair hip tissue damage and relieve pain. The clinic's techniques are minimally invasive and have short recovery times so athletes can get back on the playing field faster than ever before. For athletes who want to give surgery a wide berth, QC Kinetix (Shoney) is the ideal solution.

The strength of the forearm is essential for many sports, from weightlifting to tennis. Unfortunately, the rigor of these sporting activities can put a lot of strain on the wrist, leading to pain and sometimes injury. QC Kinetix (Shoney) offers regenerative therapies that can help heal wrist injuries and relieve their pain. These procedures' minimal invasiveness enables athletes to return to their training and competitions quickly and with less pain. Whether a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, regenerative therapies can help one maintain a high level of performance.

Intense play in team sports can cause athletes to sustain injuries leading to chronic back pain. In addition, other factors such as poor posture, repetitive movements, and overexertion contribute to back pain in team sports members. QC Kinetix (Shoney)'s biologic therapies have shown much promise in treating back pain and other injuries related to team sports. These therapies are designed to help the body heal itself, and many athletes have reported significant pain relief and improved function after receiving treatment. 

A bang on the knee during a football game is all it takes to sideline even the most seasoned athlete. Besides injury during sports, knee pain can also be caused by medical conditions such as arthritis. QC Kinetix (Shoney)'s alternative therapies can help repair damaged tissue and relieve knee pain. These biologic therapies use the body's innate healing mechanisms to speed up the repair process so that athletes can get back in the game faster.

QC Kinetix (Shoney) can be reached at 810 Shoney Dr SW, Suite 100, Huntsville, AL, 35801, US. Clients can also contact the pain control clinic at (256) 929-7246. The company's website also provides more information.

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