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RushNet Inc. (RSHN) and XYZ Hemp Inc., Western Sierra Resource Corporation and Western Colorado Farming Initiatives Detail Consolidated Operations for its Hemp Cultivation, Extraction and Post Extraction of CBD and Other Cannabinoids

Palm Coast, FL - (NewMediaWire) - September 12, 2018 - RushNet, Inc. (OTC Pink: RSHN), Gold River Productions, Inc., dba XYZ Hemp, Inc. detail their joint venture, fully vertically integrated soil-to-shelf Industrial Hemp Cultivation and processing project. The project is on schedule to fulfill its existing orders, which exceed $2,000,000

Richard Goulding, Chairman of the Board and Chief Medical Officer, stated, “We are excited to pioneer this robust multi-disciplined endeavor starting with high quality hemp clones, and an intricate, extremely sophisticated, and carefully orchestrated hemp cultivation and processing strategy. For maximum shareholder value, we are not stopping there. Instead, the value enhancement mechanism includes a cultivation process using unparalleled, mineral rich, pristine, ancient water.” 

Goulding continued, “And, for further enhanced shareholder value, our endeavor includes the infusion of high-value CBD and broad-spectrum cannabinoids into end products, including CBD-infused retail foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, and healthcare options.”

As previously noted, the RushNet (OTC Pink: RSHN) and Gold River, dba XYZ Hemp, Inc. ventures will include the expansion of existing operations to meet the growing demand for these unique products. Those facilities are located, in major part, at 3573 G Road and 3531 G Road in Palisade, Colorado. The Palisade operation is registered in Mesa County by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to cultivate Industrial Hemp. This registration is listed under the “Registrants by County” tab in the “Mesa County” section:

Equipped to produce the highest quality, soil-to-shelf CBD and broad-spectrum cannabinoid products available, these state-of-the-art facilities combine cultivation, drying and curing, CO2 extraction, and post-extraction refinements. The experienced scientific team is led by founders Brian and Judith Olesen of One Straw Organic Orchards, Plum Daisy Kitchen, and Colorado Mountain Jam. With 20 years of experience as growers and producers of award-winning organic food products, they are uniquely equipped to meet the challenge of growing, processing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing a wide range of high-value, CBD-infused retail foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, and healthcare options.   

The same facilities and scientific team will be instrumental in the production, processing, and bottling of KnockoutPunch™, Awater™ and Ewater™, KOpunch™ and KO™. Additionally, the future CBD and non-CBD (ginseng) beverage production will be produced at the same facility or a second facility in the Steamboat Springs area, which is approximately 150 miles away. As previously announced, the hemp cultivation and processing facilities are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

RushNet (OTC Pink: RSHN) and Gold River, dba XYZ Hemp, Inc previously announced their respective part ownership in the deep artesian wells, with an appraised value exceeding $40,000,000 and its access to this immense aquifer reserve, to be used for hemp cultivation and for various products, including beverages such as KnockoutPunch™, Awater™, and Ewater™, and now KO™ and KOPunch™. We continue to believe that the mineral rich properties of this pristine, ancient water will be the foundation for a full line of superior beverages and unparalleled hemp products, in many instances including ginseng.

RushNet (OTC Pink: RSHN) and Gold River, dba XYZ Hemp, Inc. are pleased to provide photographs of the hemp cultivation and CBD production facilities owned in concert with Western Sierra Resource Corporation and Western Colorado Farming Initiatives, at the 3573 G Road and 3531 G Road in Palisade, Colorado location. 

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These initial photographs will be followed by more professional videos and photographs for marketing materials still in production and scheduled for release in conjunction with the harvesting activities in October on the initial 15 acres. The photographs will show the hemp drying /curing, extraction, and post processing methods. 

Given the expertise, assets, revenue generation, and market presence of RushNet (OTC Pink: RSHN) and Gold River, dba XYZ Hemp, Inc., Western Sierra Resource Corporation, and Western Colorado Farming Initiatives, the opportunities within this emerging market abound for these companies to add value and long-term growth for the benefit of their shareholders. 

There’s more to come. Another piece in the totally vertically integrated business operation is the seed-to-delivery process. We are working toward acquiring a logistics delivery facility. 

Stay tuned!  

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