The Platforms Include:

Phase 1: Axepay, Granularchain, Genorocity, QR.Guru, MTickets Events

Phase 2: Originatorx, NFT Limited Series With Chatbot AI "ABotsLife CRM" for Subscription Models for Embedded Payments as Completed and Ready-to-Launch Solutions 

NEW YORK, NY  - (NewMediaWire) - April 28, 2023 - The company SMKG highlights its technology portfolio of Paytech, Fintech and Blockchain solutions for Cloud, Mobility and E-commerce. The current integration with FacilitaPay makes it possible to cater to multi-industry segments, with a payments solution implementation which further confirms the company’s futuristic approach in developing market ready solutions. Our recent collaboration with FacilitaPay has enabled our platforms with the ability to offer payment services across the Latin America (LATAM) region for Banks and Enterprises to do seamless transactions through a secured network.


In the Latin American market, domestic credit and debit cards have become increasingly popular as a means of payment. They are convenient, secure and widely accepted by merchants across the region. The availability of domestic credit and debit cards has enabled more purchasing power for the population in each country. This is mostly due to the fact that paying for a product or service in monthly instalments greatly increases the purchasing power of the general population. The popularity of domestic credit and debit cards in LATAM has opened up new opportunities for individuals and businesses and has helped to drive the region's economic growth. With FacilitaPay as a local partner, merchants can accept both international and domestic cards, increasing the addressable market and the approval rates.


Our collaboration includes payment services offered for Marketplace, E-Commerce, Embedded payment solution for existing infrastructures, and FX transactions. The integration provides Payment and a Bank as a Service (BaaS) platforms for companies around the world that needs to connect to the LATAM financial ecosystem and infrastructure. Brazil, Colombia and Mexico are the three major markets currently serviced by FacilitaPay and the most popular payments methods by countries includes Instant Payment, Local Credit Cards, Local Debit Cards, Instalments, Digital Wallets, Crypto and Alternate Payment Methods. Also, the transaction methodology includes Wire, ACH, Wallet, Card, SWIFT, FX, Card to Card, Card to Bank, Bank to Card, & Crypto transactions on our platforms providing access to Individuals and businesses in the region.


The recent updates allow individuals and businesses to transact through the blockchain, a tool that is trending with the growth of web 3.0.  Businesses can now:

•   Settle in crypto: collect payment in local currency and receive them in USDC, USDT, BTC or ETH

•   On/off Ramps: exchange fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat

•   Receive their local payments in crypto: Payments in Fiat currency


PLATFORMS: At SMKG we have integrated the solution on the following platforms.


Genorocity is a digital Retail platform and wallet with a suite of features for Mall, Hotel & Entertainment Property, Theme Parks, Enterprises, Franchisers and more; Coupons, Cards, Loyalty points, Social-media, Offer Showcase, Promoted offers, Proximity, Beacon Tech for both Web & Mobile Applications with payment gateway. Genorocity comes with a Retail Multi-tenant “Merchant EPOS and MPOS” with Consumer Super APP “QR Wallet”. Enabling merchants and consumers with both Web & Mobile Couponing, Rewards, Incentives, Payment acceptance, Card management and Social media publishing.


Axepay Inc. specializes in digital cross-border money remittances and pay-out services including pay-in. The company delivers a seamless, cost effective and user friendly engagement platform for web and mobility that allows for domestic and international corporate accounts to access automated FX quotes and various payment types such as RTP, ACH, WIRE, Card2Card and Card Issuing to facilitate B2B, B2C and P2P service models. Our global ecosystem seamlessly accelerates the integration of financial institutions and any FINTECH or PAYTECH solutions that add value to BANKS OR MONEY SERVICE BUSINESSES payment strategy.


A digital ID Key with a permission based onboarding and EKYC by Video Biometric solution with two-level authenticate solution on a permission based transaction architecture for Digital ID with Documents Vault. Granularchain is a multi-link relationship management solution for Signature capture EKYC for the financial industry, which allows financial institutions and enterprises to create, issue and manage securely a QR engine-exchange for permission-based “invitation only” access of client profiles, documents, digital signatures, for corporate or individual users. Granularchain uses a blockchain token to create tamper-resistant encryption of data within the system. Granularchain  is our major entry point into Blockchain infrastructure.


ABotsLife, a Chatbot AI, connects businesses with buyers through real-time conversations on corporate/business sites, Social media, WhatsApp, and other publicly interactive platforms and captures the data for call to action. With features like Machine Learning, AI ChatBot is the most preferred mode of conversations with businesses, supporting customers with queries, task walk through and management, lead generation, and sales support. Preferred by Educational Institutions, Banks, FIs, Insurance companies, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Real Estate, Logistics, Tele-Medicine and SMEs across industries.


Digital Events Management & Mobile Ticketing solution. A digital Events & Mobile ticketing management solution for Event Co’s, Planners, Retailers and Networking groups. A full digital suite of features includes Creating of Events, Conferences, Exhibitors, Collaborators, Partner Suppliers, Ticketing, Sponsorships and registrations both Web & Mobile Applications with payment gateways.


Inflight Pre-order & Onboard Menus Management solution with Catering Vendor management. Designed to capture the Consumer & Business pre-order food market & onboard or inflight menu and product sales. The application allows transport operators to easily integrate and import menu options and also adapt to new Payment Methods onboard while In-transit.


The platform underwrites the entire issuing, publishing and auditing process of the Digitization of Debt, Equity or Patents into Tokens or Crypto Coins. Delivers a powerful management and audit application to Issue ERC20 Tokens and streamlines them into the new global economy by way of SmartContract Auctions. “Underwriting” refers to the process of compiling all company data, (e.g. corporate, legal, and management information, etc.) required to be collected and verified, and authorized for approval. This is the equivalent of a banking institution’s “KYC” process for a guaranteed debt note, whereby the issuer of the note must submit the data and structure of the product to be tokenized into a digital token. The offering of the token or digital debt/asset and valuation including the maximum supply and rules of engagement, also known as Tokenomics, must all be included as part of the underwriting process.


NFT Limited series offers the unique ability to curate in sequence multiple NFTs, thus creating a limited series. NFT Limited Series is a new addition to SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. (OTC: SMKG) Ecoverse - to Mint your NFTs. The platform also offers a virtual tour of the NFT marketplace allowing individuals to browse through the options, choose from the store & buy. Artists, Businesses or individuals can mint & display their products / services & NFT in the marketplace and place a bid option with a specified timeframe.

Our collaboration with FacilitaPay gives us access to LATAM creating a local payment network for SMKG.

Dharmesh Vora, President of Enterprise at SMKG, stated, “We continuously strive in improving our global reach and collaborations. The company is currently focused on collaborating with multiple payment gateways and Payment rails networks to offer an all-in-one solution in multi-location multi-currency to our clients. Companies find it difficult and time consuming to integrate with different networks for their payment solution requirements and the task of managing the compliance and working with different vendors and regulatory frameworks may become cumbersome. SMKG offers market ready solutions with embedded payment network in a larger corridor cutting down the time and Capex. We want businesses to focus on their business and leave the details to the experts.”

SMKG is well positioned to service LATAM markets. We provide white-label SaaS customized platforms to the specifics of our clients’ requirements.

About FacilitaPay

FacilitaPay was founded with the mission of creating connections between global companies and the local payment network in LATAM. Their main goal is to build fintech services and payment solutions locally, expanding their client's market reach in a much faster and more effective way. Since 2017 developing payment solutions for Brazilian and LATAM markets, FacilitaPay has been growing exponentially despite the economic crises of recent years. Their scope covers remittance services, implementing technologies capable of connecting payments from different countries.

About SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTCQB: SMKG):

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC: SMKG) is an industry leader in specialized industry Multi-Tenant E-Commerce, Cloud and Mobility applications delivering White-Label solutions to the global PayTech and FinTech markets. SMKG is a boutique technology company, providing Business Intelligence, Commerce Strategies and Digital Transformation with a proprietary portfolio of applications and wireframes for Banking, Enterprises and Retail e-Wallets offering Cross-border Payments, Blockchain Protocols, Crypto Issuing, Chatbot AI, NFT Minting, Digital Assets Tokenization, Digital-ID, e-KYC,/eKYB, Digital Automation Strategies with option for “License to Own” marketplace applications.

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