ANNAPOLIS, MD - (NewMediaWire) - October 10, 2018 - Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (USOTC:SWET) (the "Company"), the innovator and creator behind the Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structures capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity to meet the world's increasing demand, announces today that on Monday, October 8, 2018, additional testing was conducted at a 400 foot pilot downdraft tower proving without doubt that by introducing warm dry air to a water misting system evaporation occurs resulting in colder air which falls, creating a downdraft of wind in a tall tower at predictable speeds given the known ambient conditions.

This was the third time the pilot tower system had been activated further validating the predictability of the system under varying weather temperatures and humidity. 

Observing the test was a meteorologist responsible for the design and installation of the weather data collection monitoring system, and the company that actually installed the water delivery and water spray injection system who sent a professional videographer and drone pilot to capture the test on film. Footage from the video will be incorporated as part of the final test results report.

Also on site was our chief consulting meteorologist, George Elliott, who is National Weather Service certified in weather observing and analysis, and has a background of 30 years prior research and consulting experience.  He is also part of the team of scientists that developed the predictive models enabling us the ability to very accurately predict and verify the amount of evaporative cooling and eventual wind flow that develops.  With this, energy production is easily quantified and can be modeled based on individual needs.

George Elliott commented, “Based on my analysis and personal observations on site of the data collected over the past few weeks, it is obvious that Mother Nature works exactly as one would expect.  As soon as the spraying of very fine liquid water particle's into the top of the tower began, the liquid particles began to quickly evaporate into the surrounding air.  The evaporation requires "work" to be done, and that comes by extracting heat energy from the ambient environment, thus cooling the air, which then increases the pressure and density of the air, which air then begins a decent through the tower at accelerating speeds, ultimately to be turned horizontally toward the tunnel for evacuation.  Also as expected, this evacuation maintains a balance of forces and a steady stream of cool wind, potentially very high-speed, out of the tunnel.  In fact, it was a really comfortable experience standing at the end of the tunnel, where the air was steadily streaming out on me at some 6-10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature at the time at the tower site."

Ron Pickett further commented, “George Elliott is a brilliant meteorologist who has been consulting for the Company as well as interfacing with our compliment of expert consultants from academia and private practice, who have been providing their expertise in various scientific and engineering disciplines over the many years since of this quest to produce abundant, inexpensive electricity to meet the world’s increasing demand. His ability to explore the interworking of the system provided me with the technical perspective I needed to work with the construction and design teams to create an integrated operational solution at a scale that would be financially feasible and profitable. 

Utility scale clean energy at a rate competitive with fossil fuel electricity generation was always the only acceptable goal. The Company must do “Good” and “Well”. Solve a problem and make a profit. I am also grateful for the many companies and experts who have stayed the course with us over the years contributing constantly when needed, and I look forward in the near term to working with our recently expand team of experts as we strive to bring this solution and the Tower to market.”

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Founded in 2010, Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc., and its wholly owned commercializing subsidiary, Solar Wind Energy, Inc., is the inventor of the patented Solar Wind Downdraft Tower, which uses state of the art technologies and construction systems to produce abundant, inexpensive electricity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Company's core objective and focus is to become a leading enabler of clean, efficient renewable energy to world communities, at a reasonable cost, without the destructive residuals of fossil fuels, while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions to meet tomorrow's electrical power needs. 

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