Thomasville, GA - (NewMediaWire) - February 22, 2021 - Sports Venues of Florida, Inc. (OTCMKTS: BTHR) (“Sports Venues of Florida”, “BTHR”, or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the youth sports, family sports entertainment, and eSports markets, continues to make progress reaching out to potential sponsors and is expanding its reach to women.

Over the past several weeks, I have updated you with statistics including our websites, social media pages, debt reduction, trading history and much more. What I have not done is tell you more about a couple key members of our team who are working relentlessly to ensure Shadow Gaming and become the preeminent global leader in the eSports business.

If you have been following Sports Venues for a while you have heard or seen the name Luis Arce. Luis is President of Shadow Gaming and has led the launch of Luis is an incredible man. Born in Puerto Rico this man speaks three languages, holds multiple real estate licenses, has successfully started, and operated several businesses. His dedication to our mission is unprecedented but his real magic has been in the team he has assembled. I want to focus this week on two incredible men whose unwavering commitment to Sports Venues and our mission is nothing short of astonishing.

Miguel Munoz serves as the Company’s Chief Technical Officer, but he is so much more. In our infancy when cash was so tight this man devoted every waking moment of his life to writing the code that has become, one of the most complex and comprehensive eSports portals in the world.  This man designed and developed all our logos and has been instrumental in branding our Company in over 30-countries. Although we have elevated his compensation, for the first many months, he could have made more working for his local McDonald’s. Our Company would be nothing without him and I felt it was time he was recognized for the massive contribution he has made to our success thus far.

Talk about unsung heroes, Jim Hurley is a man who came into our family just about six-months ago. Jim heads up every tournament we have and for those not familiar with operating a tournament, each is a monumental undertaking. Dozens of details must be handled including legal, rules, prizes, cash awards, tournament staffing and these items just barely scratch the surface. Jim directs a team of sub-contractors ranging from 9 to 15 persons per tournament. The hours this man invests to ensure every tournament is a complete success is unbelievable. Jim has become one of the most critical members of the Sports Venues family.

On to the business and the events that took place this past week.

There are multiple revenue streams connected to eSports. Like other aspects of this ecosystem, estimates of revenues yield diverging and sometimes contradictory data. However, most industry experts agree that advertising, sponsorships, media rights, ticket sales to live events and merchandising are among the main monetization channels. We are moving forward on all those fronts as fast as we can.

We are looking into a few niches such as games and events for the physically impaired and female gamers, streamers, and Influencers. Women’s viewership of eSports grew from 23.9 percent of all watchers in 2016 to 30.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to a report by market researcher Interpret. That 6.5 percent change is a considerable leap, considering the heavy representation of men in both eSports audiences and professional athletes in the past. As a Company, we are placing more emphasis on attracting women to

“Changing behaviors among a large segment of people is difficult. Progress of this size always takes time; however, a [6.5 percent] gain in gender share over two years is a trend in the right direction,” said Tia Christianson, the vice president of research in Europe for Interpret, in a statement. He went onto say, “If two years from now, the female audience grabs an additional 6 percent in share, eSports viewership will be in gender parity with what we consider standard among traditional console and PC games.” Change is coming.

On the weekly events, we have POKEMON TCG. This is our fourth Pokemon event so far, we will have one every month to make good on our promise to subscribers and the Pokémon community that, by purchasing any of our plans, they have a chance to win big prizes. This tournament registration was slow but even with that, we had reached a sizable number of participants and are looking forward to next Month's Pokemon event.

For our World of Tanks event over the weekend of Feb 12-14, we were able to shatter several of our previous records! For player engagement, over 250 teams played in the first qualifier event of the weekend, and over 1,100 total players registered for one or more of the events held over the course of the weekend! On viewership, the channel for our designated streamer hit a peak of over 1,300 viewers,  maintaining an average of over 1,000 concurrent viewers for the broadcast!

Looking at future planning and growth, this week Jim Hurley has drafted Tournament Organizer contracts for Rocket League, Call of Duty: Warzone, World of Tanks, Team Fortress 2 (and a potential Guilty Gears XX event) working to firm up the lineup of events for the bulk of March, and has been investigating new games for viability, including exploring the possibility of future events with new potential Tournament Organizers for titles including Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, Due Process, and others. Jim has reached out to several organizations to plant the seeds for possible future sponsorships.

We are already gearing up for our March events starting with Minion Masters followed by the popular Call of Duty Warzone this is our first COD Warzone event both on March 6 and 7th. Team Fortress of March 14th, Pokemon TCG on March 20, and World of Tanks for March 27th.

What a week! John V Whitman Jr, CEO/Chairman said, “Last week I received correspondence from dozens of Sports Venues shareholders and the overwhelming theme of each was they loved these weekly management reports. We want every shareholder to feel connected to the Company in a way no other small cap issuer has before. We consider our shareholders critical family members, and we feel privileged to keep you informed. If you would like to provide feedback, simply log onto send us your thoughts. I want to thank everyone for the tremendous market support we have enjoyed this past week. The Company is delivering on its promises and the market is watching.”

Want to participate? Find the plan that best suits you, can choose between Bronze Plan Gold Plan Diamond Plan  If you want to be an organizer bring your team or friends to We can help you grow and support you so you can reach a worldwide audience of similar-minded individuals that like to compete and have fun, you can be sure that is here to grow with you. Just follow the link to sign up as an organizer you have any questions about our events visit Discord

If your organization would like to be part of this growth and would like to work with Shadow Gaming, contact us at

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Sports Venues of Florida, Inc., is a developmental stage company engaged in the business of eSports, and the development of youth sports and family entertainment complexes. The company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Shadow Gaming, Inc., has aggressively entered the eSports market. Shadow Gaming’s new portal has been launched and is one of the most comprehensive gaming portals in the world. The Company is now accepting subscriptions from players, gamers, and tournament organizers. To register log on to In addition, the company plans on operating a few subsidiary companies from high tech data management businesses to product and support businesses. Finally, the Company is actively looking for locations to build indoor eSports arenas that will host major international gaming tournaments.

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