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Sports Venues of Florida (OTCMKTS: BTHR) Releases Management Report for the Week Ended May 29, 2021

Sports Venues is Changing name to GGToor, Inc. 

Thomasville, GA - (NewMediaWire) - June 1, 2021 - Sports Venues of Florida, Inc., (OTCMKTS: BTHR) (“Sports Venues of Florida”, “BTHR”, or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the youth sports, family sports entertainment, and eSports markets, announced today it has amended its articles of incorporation to change its name from Sports Venues of Florida, Inc., to GGToor, Inc. John V. Whitman Jr. had this to say, “We realized over a year ago Sports Venues of Florida and its original business model was dead. It was important we established our eSports business, and prove that it had the strength and endurance to assume a leadership role for decades in the future. We have proven our eSports business is growing at an extremely rapid rate and with our GGToor trademark secured, our identity needed to accurately reflect the new direction of our business. At the same time, we will be requesting a new trading symbol that will reflect the GGToor Brand.” Exact dates the new name will be reflected on Market Quotation systems is not certain, but management is expecting to complete the name and stock symbol change in the next few weeks. 


Last week, the website used a computer algorithm that is based on Deep Learning (whatever that is) and the computer projected Sports Venues future stock price to be zero. Our numbers tell a different story – we will list some of them later in this report, and then we ask you to use your own common sense to evaluate what you think the future holds. 

John, Luis, Miguel, Jim, Jackson, Thomas, and dozens of others who are dedicating their lives to building our company into a global powerhouse, have only one message for the investing public: invest in people, not algorithms. When you buy our stock, you are investing in John, Luis, Miguel, Jim, and the dozens of other real people who are working around the clock to build Sports Venues into a legacy business, not some arbitrary algorithm that clearly is not analyzing all the data available. Invest in the people whose very livelihoods depend on their success. Invest in us.

The truth is that starting an eSports company is not an easy task, but nevertheless, you still need to be creative if you intend to make money from this line of business. Even though eSports is at its beginnings, its increasing revenue year after year is proving that it will continue to grow both in viewership and increased revenue. Revenue through eSports is generated through several avenues, including sponsorship and advertising, which is designed to cater to viewers and players all over the world.

There are no shortcuts in building an eSports company, and there are many moving parts. We have the expertise to navigate the ecosystem we have with the Game Publishers/Developers, Tournament/Event Organizers, Teams/Franchises, and Sponsors. Understanding the ecosystem and following the eSports news will give you a sense of how the industry is growing. But more important is how GGToor is growing and implementing our Strategic Battle Plan that the stock analysts do not understand, because they are not running the company day after day; we are. Hopefully, when you do your own research in the actual industry, you will realize that we are a great investment. Investors that are putting their faith in our company must have patience; we are growing, and are on a path to revenue. As we continue to grow, we ask you to stick with us and be part of this amazing journey and share in reaping the benefits along with our team, players, sponsors, and developers. 

May was another amazing month for Organized Play from GGToor! 

Our Discord posted a net gain of over 1,400 new members, blowing past the 5,000-member milestone!

We had a combined total of over 2,150 player registrations, setting a new monthly registration record as well. We crowned the winners for 8 different competitions this month, more events than we have ever done in a single month before, and we continue to ramp up capacity to hit our goal of 18 tournaments each month by December!

We shattered our prior record of combined unique Twitch Viewers for one month; the prior record was just over 11K, and this month our tournament streams had a combined total of over 21K - almost double the prior record for total unique viewers for the month!

In addition to having these record-breaking results in May, we also were happy to offer events for both PUBG Mobile and Magic: TG Arena for the very first time. We also launched our first play-over-time event, which allows competitors to play at a more leisurely pace; instead of needing to finish all matches in a single day or weekend, this style of competition allows the participants to commit to only playing one match once every few days, allowing gamers who might not be able to commit an entire day (or weekend) to playing in a tournament to still participate in this event! 

As we continue to work to accomplish our year-end goals, we are ahead of schedule on several key metrics for our tournaments and look forward to continuing to show strong results as we move into our June schedule of events! 

To see it in perspective, total player registrations for the month of February was 1,340, and the month of May was 2,163  - a 61.4% increase in registrations compared to 3 months ago. Event capacity has grown in the last 3 months by 166.7%. Total Discord membership as of the end of February was 2,248, and by the end of May 5,822, a 158.9% increase in 3 months. Our Twitch combined total of unique viewers for the tournament streams in April was 11,240, and in May was 21,896, a 94.8% increase in one month! These massively large increases in results were achieved while keeping costs down and evaluating the pay-to-enter event model; for May as compared to February, these results were achieved with an increase of only $862 for event-specific net costs (which consists of prize pools plus tournament organizer costs plus influencer incentives, minus revenues.)

Want to participate? Find the plan that best suits you; you can choose the Bronze Plan, Gold Plan, or Diamond Plan .  If you want to be an organizer, bring your team or friends to; we can help you grow and support you so you can reach a worldwide audience of similar-minded individuals that like to compete and have fun -- you can be sure that is here to grow with you. Just follow the link to sign up as an organizer if you have any questions about our events visit Discord, ,,

If your organization would like to be part of this growth and would like to work with Shadow Gaming, contact us at

About BTHR

Sports Venues of Florida, Inc., is a developmental stage company engaged in the business of eSports, and the development of youth sports and family entertainment complexes. The company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Shadow Gaming, Inc., has aggressively entered the eSports market. Shadow Gaming’s new portal has been launched and is one of the most comprehensive gaming portals in the world. The Company is now accepting subscriptions from players, gamers, and tournament organizers. To register logon to . In addition, the company plans on operating a few subsidiary companies from high tech data management businesses to product and support businesses. Finally, the Company is actively looking for locations to build indoor eSports arenas that will host major international gaming tournaments.

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