New York, NY - (NewMediaWire) - September 8, 2020 - Teeka Tiwari and the Palm Beach Research Group team are hosting an online event called The Set For Life Summit on September 9 at 8 pm EST where viewers will be part of the very first pre-IPO workshop that presents the Palm Beach Venture Boom.

During the summit, former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari and his team will explain how to invest in a company before its IPO to earn huge returns. Teeka believes his recommended company has enormous potential. In fact, a single investment in the company could make the average individual "set for life."

Anyone can attend the Set For Life Summit for free just by entering an email address into the online form at the official website.

During the Set For Life Summit, Teeka will reveal the name of his recommended investment, including why a small investment in that company could reap huge returns for ordinary individuals. That investment is purportedly "not even a gamble" because the sector is protected by the United States government. And, a single small investment could turn into "a million dollars or more," according to the summit's sales page that is in reference to a rare biotech opportunity.

The webinar is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 9, at 8pm EST.

Teeka claims his recommended investment is part of the biggest wealth-creation event since the tech boom.

How Pre-IPO Investments Work

Thanks to a recent regulatory change, ordinary investors can buy shares in certain companies before the IPO. Typically, only accredited investors (like venture capital funds and the world's wealthiest investors) could participate in pre-IPO funding rounds. Now, ordinary individuals can take part as well - and Teeka wants to explain how it works.

By following Teeka's investment advice, individuals can purportedly earn returns as high as 499,000%:

"But forget about doubling or tripling your money in the retail markets, after companies IPO. Because if you get in before they go public - in PRE-IPO deals - this year, you could have experienced gains like…3,405%, 35,198%, 50,400%, 130,650%, 253,400%, even 499,000%."

The goal of the Set For Life Summit is to share a unique opportunity with individuals. A small investment in that company could earn huge returns. A medium or large-sized investment, however, could reap a fortune:

"$1,000 in one of these deals could build you an entire nest egg. Invest $10,000… and it could've built a fortune that made you set for life."

According to the Set For Life Summit sales page, individuals can get huge returns through pre-IPO deals - even if they have limited experience in buying stocks. The sales page highlights janitors, painters, and masseuses who have turned small investments into multi-million dollar fortunes.

"A 9,500% gain in a pre-IPO deal turned a janitor into a millionaire. A pre-IPO gain up to 200,000% turned a painter into a multi-millionaire. And a masseuse was able to retire to Nevada after seeing a pre-IPO gain up to 1,500,000%."

Some investors get frustrated hearing stories like this. Fortunately, Teeka wants to help. He claims now is the time for everyday individuals to get even by taking advantage of his new opportunity - even if you have zero experience or background in investing or little money to invest:

"Your background doesn't matter. Your net worth doesn't matter either. No matter who you are… or where you're from…YOU, can get in on the deal. And now…It's your turn."

What is Teeka's Recommended Pre-IPO Investment Opportunity?

Teeka and his team have not publicly revealed the name of the pre-IPO investment upfront. However, he has issued certain hints about the pre-IPO investment opportunity, including:

  • Forbes called this sector the "most profitable sector" in America.
  • The sector is not a cryptocurrency, technology, marijuana, or healthcare.
  • The investment is "not a gamble" because the United States government protects the sector.

Teeka will reveal how a single investment in this pre-IPO opportunity can "make a million dollars or more" and leave individuals set for life.

We won't spoil the name of Teeka's company upfront.

By attending the summit, investors also get access to various bonus products, including Teeka's Legacy Investment Keynote Speech, his Private Placement Playbook, and text message promotions from Teeka and the Palm Beach Research Group team.

To discover the name of Teeka Tiwari's pre-IPO investment opportunity, attend the Set For Life Summit on Wednesday, September 9, at 8 pm ET.