Homewood, IL - (NewMediaWire) - July 16, 2020 - Ultima Portable AC is a technological breakthrough in the world of personal cooling. It steadily produces cool and clean air without using any freon or other chemicals harmful to health. Besides, it can be taken anywhere, be it at the gym, the office or when going out camping. What’s also great about it is that it works for hours on a single charge. The charging USB cable that is needed is included in its package. Besides, having the best portable air conditioning unit is straightforward to maintain and to clean.

Here is a Ultima Portable AC review worthy of researching as there are many portable air conditioners on the market and all of them vary in different features and functions available to benefit from this hot and humid summer.

How Does the Ultima Portable AC Work?

The Ultima Portable AC was developed by a team of engineers who got sick of the summer heat and wanted to combat it with a portable air-cooling device. After many trial and error processes in which they invented a few prototypes for such a gadget, the engineers finally came up with Ultima Portable AC, a technological breakthrough in air conditioning. This portable AC unit sucks the hot air in any closed space, only to after using its advanced cooling technology to provide fresh and cold air in return. While doing so, it also purifies the atmosphere by eliminating dust or other microscopic particles that can cause allergies and respiratory diseases.

How to Use Ultima Portable AC in 3 Simple Steps

The Ultima Portable AC device is effortless to use, as it follows:

  1. It needs to be filled with tap water through its top. If this water also contains crushed ice, the device will generate an even more cooling airflow.
  2. The power button has to be pressed and the lowest speed selected to begin with. After a few minutes, the speed button can be pressed again and again for the device to run faster.
  3. The cool and fresh air can now be enjoyed.

Why Is the Ultima Portable AC So Unique?

Ultima Portable AC can instantly cool the air and increase the comfort in any room. But aside from all this, it also has some other great features, such as:


Small and lightweight, Ultima Portable AC can be carried around with ease and taken anywhere, even on holiday or at the gym. This air conditioning provides comfort, no matter where it may be placed. It comes with a powerful 200mAh battery that recharges via a USB cable and runs for hours after a single full charge.

Cleans the Air from Pollutants, Dust and Pollen

The Ultima Portable AC doesn’t only generate cool air but also filters the atmosphere by reducing the pollen, pollutants, and dust in a room. This means it protects its users from allergies and respiratory diseases.

While this is not the main benefit of portable air conditioners found online, it does offer a great side benefit to cooling the air as it is ever-important to be inhaling more purified air than not.

Simple to Operate

Many people don’t want to use modern technology because they’re overwhelmed by how different newly released gadgets have to be operated. This is not the case with Ultima Portable AC, as this device works just by pushing a few buttons.

Who Can Use Ultima Portable AC?

People who can no longer stand the summer heat and don’t want to spend all their money on expensive AC units or the electrical bill should try the Ultima Portable AC. This device doesn’t require too much energy to get charged, not to mention it doesn’t have to be always plugged in to run for hours. Given how popular the leading portable air conditioning air coolers are, here are the unique features the Ultima Portable AC unit claims to have as a mini desktop device.

Best Features of Ultima Portable AC

Here are Ultima Portable AC’s cutting-edge features:

  • Cools the air in under 30 seconds
  • 3-fan speeds
  • Easy to refill with water
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low operating noise
  • Long-lasting battery that doesn’t have to be often recharged
  • The adjustable direction of cool air

Ultima Portable AC Pricing

  • One (1) Ultima Portable AC Unit $89.97
  • Two (2) Ultima Portable AC Units $179.97 (89.99 each)
  • Three (3) Ultima Portable AC Units $230.97 (77.00 each)

Ultima Portable AC Conclusion

With the summer heat here, cool air is necessary for every home for comfort to be ensured and the health of people to remain protected. The Ultima Portable AC makes sure the air in any room is at the right temperature and clean. This device is now available with a 50% discount, but this deal may not last for too long. Besides, if two (2) or more units are bought in a package, it comes at even lower prices. This air-cooling gadget can be the best gift for family and friends. It doesn’t need to be installed by a professional and cuts the electricity bill to more than half.

There many choices to decide with when selecting a top-ranked portable air conditioner unit. For more information about the Ultima Portable Air Conditioning Unit, visit the product manufacture official website today to see if this newly released brand is the right mini personal desktop AC device to help take the sizzle out of the summertime heat that is full of hot and humid weather conditions no one should bare alone.