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Upgraded Tesla Motors and Batteries to Power E-Cite Vehicles Along with 24-Month, 50,000-Mile Warranty

Bothell, WA - (NewMediaWire) - October 11, 2022 - VaporBrands International, Inc. dba E-Cite Motors Group, (OTC:VAPR) announces that their vehicles will be powered by motors and batteries manufactured by Tesla, upgraded by E-Cite, and offer a 24-month 50,000-mile warranty.  


Stock motors and batteries manufactured by Tesla will be purchased and then modified for enhanced performance by E-Cite Motors to increase HP, improve cooling, and adapt to E-Cite’s proprietary chassis. 

The modified motors and Batteries will be offered with a full 24-month, 50,000-mile OEM warranty serviceable at any authorized E-Cite service center. 

COO Gene Langmesser stated: “After thoroughly evaluating all known potential options, the proven Tesla platform provides us with the best possible solution available. Using modified Tesla motors and batteries further reduces our engineering requirements, dramatically increases our performance capabilities, and due to shear economies of scale, reduces the cost of manufacturing that we can pass on to our customers. We also believe that customer confidence will be increased over using less proven platforms.”

E-Cite had previously been developing its affordable sportscar codenamed the E-Cite EV GT to utilize the Ford Performance Eluminator motor which produced 281HP, but integration issues, cost, and enhanced performance capabilities led to switching to Tesla motors and batteries.

The entry level EV GT motor has been upgraded from the previously announced 281HP to 450HP with 450 Nm of Torque. The mid-level motor is now rated at approximately 540HP with 600Nm of Torque. The Top-of-the-line Performance Version’s motor produces approximately 640HP with 650Nm of Torque.

Range is expected for all EV GT models to be around 300 miles give or take based on final configuration and driving style.

Due to reduced development times afforded under E-Cite’s special exemptions from the NHTSA, E-Cite expects to be delivering its first production vehicles for the 2023 model year. That is less than 12 months from inception to the showroom.

E-Cite Motors has submitted applications to the NHSTA in accordance with (49 CFR Part 586) for use on public roads for three separate vehicles. They include an all-wheel drive, all electric Hypercar is expected to exceed 222 mph, an affordable EV Sportscar, and a Super SUV Truck, all of which are currently being processed.

Note* E-Cite’s vehicles are in no way categorized as "Kit Cars" as they are manufactured new vehicles.

About VaporBrands International, dba E-Cite Motors(OTC PINK:VAPR) is a publicly traded company based in Bothell that is developing for manufacturing, state of the art electric vehicles utilizing the latest in technologies with a flare of some of the iconic autos of the past. VAPR recently acquired 100% ownership in E-Cite Motors, Acclaimed Automotive , and N2A Motors, a California-based custom auto manufacturer and car factory specializing in designing, engineering and building prototype, concept, and limited production vehicles for OEMs, corporations, movies, and private owners. N2A was led by legendary designer Gene Langmesser who now serves as the COO of the combined operations.

VaporBrands International, Inc. dba E-Cite Motors