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US Nuclear and Partners Enter Vehicle Electrification Challenge Led by Rio Tinto and World's Biggest Mining Companies

LOS ANGELES, CA - (NewMediaWire) - August 09, 2021 - US Nuclear Corp. (OTCQB: UCLE) and partners now enter the electric vehicle fast charging and propulsion market which is expected to exceed 15 Billion per year by 2030. To do this our group has formed a consortium with Grapheton, Solar System Resources and Four Point, called ChargeMineBetter which has submitted an offer in the ‘Charge On Innovation Challenge.’ Our group’s technology uses a supercapacitor system developed using Grapheton’s novel technology. ChargeMineBetter’s organic vapor phase deposition, OVHPD technology reduces carbon footprint, solves the challenge, and will enable the industry to save billions of dollars and move towards their goal of de-carbonizing the mining industry.

The Charge On Innovation Challenge is a global competition under the patronage of 17 mining companies from around the world (including of the 3 largest: BHP, Rio Tinto, and Vale). The competition aims to electrify mining trucks which will help the mining sector worldwide reduce its consumption of diesel fuel and significantly cut emissions.  These trucks are the largest in the world and carry loads up to 360 tons with 3m diameter tires, and will require400KWh of electric power per cycle. They are used in open-cast mines all over the world (from polar to tropical regions), work in extreme conditions, and transport billions of tons of excavated material, ores metals, potassium, and other raw materials. The electrification of the world's largest ultra-class trucks is an enormous engineering and material challenge. Until now, there has been no technology that would allow the construction of electric power systems and the rapid charging of such huge machines in a reasonable time. Companies from all over the world were invited to submit offers and a deadline was set for July 31, 2021. The motivation is not only savings and increasing the efficiency of mining operations, but also the growing concern for the natural environment and the fight against global warming.

Laboratory tests of Grapheton’s supercapacitors and numerical simulations of the entire system are promising. ChargeMineBetter wants to deliver a prototype ready for commercialization in about 2 years. If the results are confirmed, it would be a breakthrough in electromobility and electricity storage. Perhaps soon, charging an electric car will take no longer than refuelling with gasoline.

The ChargeMineBetter consortium also has a positive impact on the world: 4 companies, 4 coherent visions of a better world, and 4 amazing flagship projects of its members. It is an amazing story, a new better world, and new business opportunities for the competition organizers, creating a unique added value for the project.

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Grapheton Inc. is a leader in carbon-based devices and energy storage systems. The company has recently developed a promising supercapacitor technology made of carbon materials and owns patents in their manufacturing and integration to a large-scale application. The company’s supercapacitors for implantable applications, on the other hand, use the body’s own salty environment for power generation (self-powered).  Grapheton’s supercapacitor solutions will also find applications in electromobility, semi-conductor devices, and electric energy storage systems.

Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. z o. o. is a company developing the subject of space mining and operating in the field of fusion energy. The company plans to carry out raw material surveying of the Moon and then exploit it. It is particularly interested in the exploitation of metals and the helium-3 isotope for the purposes of fusion energy. The company wants to save the planet from the effects of global warming: 1 ton of helium-3 as a fusion fuel avoids the emission of 21 million tons of CO2. Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. z o. o. wants to build storages of strategic space resources and electricity storages in space. The company has signed with US Nuclear Corp. the first historic LoI for the supply of 500 kg of helium-3 from the lunar deposits, and then the historic trade agreement that begins the Cis-Lunar value chain.

US Nuclear Corp. participates in the consortium indirectly through USN Solar SkyMining LLC, which is its joint-venture jointly with Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. z o. o. The company US Nuclear Corp. is a company from the nuclear sector that has been providing equipment for monitoring radiation, chemical and biological contamination, and the state of the environment for decades. US Nuclear Corp. works on fusion for the purposes of energy, nuclear medicine imaging and treatment (production of radionuclides) and space propulsion.

Four Point Sp. z o. o. is a company whose mission is to reduce the environmental impact of open-cast mines by new technological innovations. The company provides satellite image analysis software for the European Space Agency (ESA) and is working on a new generation of autonomous machines for the mining industry. The company also wants to support the development of electromobility, and is also interested in creating autonomous haulers for the future of space mining. Four Point presents unique knowledge and experience, creating new opportunities.


US Nuclear Corp. 

President, CEO, and Chairman: Robert I. Goldstein, 

Chief Financial Officer: Rachel Boulds, 

7051 Eton Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91303,

(818) 883 7043

Grapheton Inc.

CTO and Co-Founder: Sam Kassegne, PhD, PE

San Diego, CA 92011, United States; 

Four Point Sp. z o. o.

CEO, Chairman of Management Board: Marek Jacek Wilgucki

74/320 Piłsudskiego Street, Wroclaw 53-110, Poland 

Solar System Resources Corporation Sp. z o. o. 

CEO & Co-Founder: Ph.D. Eng. Adam Jan Zwierzyński

77/222 Szlak Street, Krakow 31-153, Poland 

USN Solar SkyMining LLC

(US Nuclear Corp. + Solar System Resources Corporation joint-venture company)

CEO, and Chairman: Robert I. Goldstein, 

Non-Executive Directors, Board Members: Adam Jan Zwierzyński, Piotr Boroń

7051 Eton Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91303,