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US Nuclear Corp. Announces Second Quarter 2021 Results

Los Angeles, CA - (NewMediaWire) - September 22, 2021 - US Nuclear Corp. (OTCQB: UCLE), a leading manufacturer of advanced radiation, chemical, and biological detection and UAV instrumentation, recently announced the financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2021.   

  • Sales for the three months ended June 30, 2021 were $352,558 compared to $302,201 for the same period in 2020, an increase of 16.7%
  • The overall increase in sales principally due to US Nuclear starting to recover from the impact of COVID-19
  • Selling, general, and administrative expense were $620,854 compared to $346,203 for the same period in 2020; the increase of $274,651 or 79.3% was principally due to an increase in stock-based compensation.  
  • During the three months ended June 30, 2021, stock-based compensation was $166,650 compared to $0 during the same period in 2020
  • Other expense was $817,314, a decrease of $875,021 from other income of $57,707 for the same period in 2020.  The decrease was due to an equity write down on investments in 2021 offset by a decrease in the amortization of the debt discount associated with the convertible debenture and by the change in the value of the derivative liability
  • Net loss of $1,282,312 compared to $145,117 for the same period in 2020 

Robert Goldstein, CEO of US Nuclear Corp., commented: 

“We are pleased to announce that our sales revenue is continuing to steadily increase as we recover from the impact of COVID-19.  We will be exceptionally busy the rest of the year, with many new sales booked in the second quarter, as well working on government fiscal year-end contracts due by September 30, and the calendar year-end which are both productive times for us.  On other news fronts, we are excited about being shortlisted to progress into the next round of the ‘Charge On Innovation Challenge’ which aims to electrify ultra-class mining trucks to operate on electric power instead of diesel.  Our proposal is based around using Grapheton’s novel supercapacitor technology, and numerical simulations of the entire system are promising.  The next stage is comprised of a pitch-session, with final submission in November, and patrons identifying solutions in December 2021.”  


     Three Months Ended Six Months Ended
     June 30,  June 30, 
     2021 2020 2021 2020
Sales  $               352,558$               302,201$               770,382$               624,440
Cost of sales                196,702                158,822                413,354                314,734
Gross profit                 155,856                143,379                357,028                309,706
Operating expenses        
 Selling, general and administrative expenses                620,854                346,203              1,481,005              1,241,045
  Total operating expenses                620,854                346,203              1,481,005              1,241,045
Loss from operations               (464,998)               (202,824)            (1,123,977)               (931,339)
Other income (expense)        
 Interest expense                  (4,033)                 (12,151)                  (6,856)                 (25,546)
 Change in value of derivative liability                        -                  146,997                        -                      9,835
 Amortization of debt discount                        -                   (74,897)                        -                 (242,387)
 Equity loss in investment               (813,281)                  (2,242)               (815,040)                  (3,049)
  Total other income (expense)               (817,314)                  57,707               (821,896)               (261,147)
Loss before provision for income taxes            (1,282,312)               (145,117)            (1,945,873)            (1,192,486)
Provision for income taxes                        -                          -                          -                          -  
Net loss $           (1,282,312)$              (145,117)$           (1,945,873)$           (1,192,486)
Deemed dividend for downround provision in warrants                 (52,861)                        -                   (52,861)                        -  
Net loss attributed to common stockholders$           (1,335,173)$              (145,117)$           (1,998,734)$           (1,192,486)
Weighted average shares outstanding - basic and diluted            27,526,920            21,647,837            26,645,215            21,103,582
Loss per shares - basic and diluted$                   (0.05)$                   (0.01)$                   (0.08)$                   (0.06)

Safe Harbor Act

This press release includes "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ from expectations, estimates and projections and, consequently, you should not rely on these forward looking statements as predictions of future events. Words such as "expect," "estimate," "project," "budget," "forecast," "anticipate," "intend," "plan," "may," "will," "could," "should," "believes," "predicts," "potential," "continue," and similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements involve significant risks and uncertainties that could cause the actual results to differ materially from the expected results.

Investors may find additional information regarding US Nuclear Corp. at the SEC website at, or the company’s website at


US Nuclear Corp. (OTCQB: UCLE)

Robert I. Goldstein, President, CEO, and Chairman 

Rachel Boulds, Chief Financial Officer

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