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2023-2024 Literary / Broadcast News: Creative Management Partners (CMP) Agent Alan Morell Reaches 100th Milestone Sales for Books/Feature Film Options for CMP Authors Works to Publishers; Books TV/Film Optioned to Video Streamers, Networks and Studios

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - (NewMediaWire) - September 21, 2023 - Announced today, 2023-2024 Literary / Broadcast News: Announcing Creative Management Partners (CMP) Agent Alan Morell Milestone 100th Book and Feature Film Milestone Sale of CMP Authors Works to Publishers; Books Developed for TV/Film Optioned to Video Streamers, Networks and Studios e.g. Macmillan, HarperCollins, William Morrow, Random House, iBooks, Hay House Publishers, Harmony Crown, Brick Tower Press, J. Boylston & Company, Milk and Cookies, St. Martins Press, Skyhorse, Island books,  Simon & Schuster, Grand Central, BenBella Books et. al., positioned for Option Rights for TV DocuSeries/ Feature Films, Television Network and Cable, Digital, Development Adaptation of Original Content, Unscripted, Scripted, Documentary, Docudrama, Legitimate Theatre e.g. Netflix; Amazon; DisneyABC; Hulu; Disney+; MAX; ComcastNBC Universal; NewsAmericaFox 21; Warner Bros. Discovery CNN; ViacomCBS Paramount; PBS-BBC; ITV, Independent Studios, Production Companies and Broadway.

Hollywood Talent Agent Icon Harry Abrams, Founder/Chairman of Abrams Artists Agency, Book "Let’s Do Launch” with Rod Thorn to J. Boylston & Company; ”Of Course They Knew, of Course They…." by Co-CEO News America (Fox News) John Moody book to Brick Tower PressVindication” by John Moody to Brick Tower PressLies I Taught In Medical School” by Dr. Robert Lufkinforeword by Jason Fung MD. to BenBella Books, distributed by Random House; "Get Oral!!" by Dr. Jonathan Levineforeword by Lenny Kravitz to J. Boylston & Company; “Guide To Resilience and Success Longevity”, by Stephen Sideroff Ph.Dforeword by Peter Levine Ph.D to BenBella Books, Distributed by Random House; "The Silent Epidemic” by Dr. Michel Baudry and Dr. Stella M. Sung to iBooks; Greek Diet 2/ PBS Series by Chef Maria Loi to HarperCollins/ PBS/BBC; “The Secret of Nitric Oxide: Bringing Nitric Oxide to Life” by Nathan S. Bryan, Ph.Dforeword by David Perlmutter, M.D. to J. Boylston & Company; Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime Sci-Fi Book Series by Emmy Award Screenwriters Dwayne J. Hill and David Cormican, Washington Square Entertainment to Claxon Interactive; “Surviving the 2020 Election Without Losing Your Mind” to iBooks by Dr. Kiran Dintyala; “Calming The Corona” to iBooks by Dr. Kiran Dintyala; “The Grant Brace Story: True Story American Tragedy” by Jackie, Kyle, Kaylee Brace Co-Authored by Didi Gluck with Jamie Moncus Esq., out for bid to publishers; Adaptation for feature film by Emmy Screenwriters Dwayne Hill and David Cormican, Washington Square Entertainment; “The Perfect Entrepreneur” by Zef Vataj to Brick Tower Press; “Southern Inspired” by Chef Jernard Wells to BenBella Books, distribution by Random House; ”Two Friends & a Stroke: From a Life-Threatening Stroke to a 66-Year-Old Model!” by Geri Rockstein to iBooks; “Bad Americans” Feature Film by Jacques Hyzagi to Benaroya Pictures; “Titanic Deck Chair” by Ian McCarthy (out for bid option); “The Aztec Diet”, by NY Times Best Selling Author Dr. Bob Arnot to HarperCollins Publishers; The Penis Book” by Dr. Aaron Spitz to Rodale Penguin Random House; “The New Art of War” by William J. Holstein, J. Boyston & Co.; “The Sicilian Diet” by Dr. Giovanni Campanile to Brick Tower Press; “Common Sense for Common Good” by Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson to Broadside; “Escape from Plauen” by Renee Stoever to J. Boylston & Company Publishers; “Frankie Avalon Italian Family Cookbook” by Frankie Avalon to MACMILLAN St. Martins Press; “The Fountain, 60 the new 30” by Dr. Rocco Monto to Penguin Random House Harmony Crown; “How the Thinkpad Changed the World-And is Shaping the Future” (Lenovo) by Arimasa Naitoh and William J. Holstein to SkyHorse Publishing; “Is This Normal” by Dr. John Whyte to Rodale; “Ryde Studios Network Instagram World’s Largest Shopping Network Book” by Richard D’Alessio; “The Sainted”( Trilogy) by Michael Medico to iBooks; “Global Immigration A-Z” by Lorraine D’Alessio Esq. to J. Boylston & Co.; “Osceola’s Revenge: The Phenomena of Indian Casinos” by Gary Green to iBooks; “Coffee Lovers Diet” by Dr. Bob Arnot to HarperCollins; “Dream Chronicles” Trilogy by David Rottenberg to iBooks; The Greek Diet” by Chef Maria Loi to HarperCollins; The Master” by Dr. Bob Arnot to J. Boylston & Company Publishers; “Just in Case: Lose Your Heart, Not Your Mind: The Smart Women’s Guide to Marriage” by Aliette H. Carolan, Esq. to Brick Tower Press; “Facing East” by Jingdaun Yang MD with Norma Kamali to William Morrow; “Silver Dollar” by Alan Susman to iBooks (Screenwriter for Thomas Crown Affair MGM); “Finding the SuperModel in Me” by Claudia Mason to Skyhorse Publishing; “U-Boats in Bahamas, Turks & Caicos” by Eric T. Wiberg to Brick Tower Press; “The Art of Managing Everyday Conflict: Understanding Emotions and Power Struggles” and The Art of Empowered Parenting: The Manual You Wish Your Kids Came With” by Dr. Eric Fisher PhDU-Boats in Bermuda” by Eric T. Wiberg to Brick Tower Press;  “U-Boats in New England” by Eric T. Wiberg to Brick Tower Press; “Seducing Celebrities One Meal At A Time” by Thaao Penghlis to iBooks; Judas, His Brother Keeps Her” by Alan Susman to J. Boylston & Company Publishers; “God and Man on Wall Street” by CNBC Craig Columbus to Brick Tower Press; Stop Pain” by Dr. Vijay Vad to Hay House Publishers; “Hazel’s Masquerade” by Sarah Trautvetter to Milk and Cookies Publishers; “Salvage Chef” by Chef Michael Love to Skyhorse Publishing; “The Art of Empowered Parenting” by Eric Fisher, PhD, CNN; “Tower of Thieves: AIG” by Andrew Spencer, J. Boylston & Company Publishers; “Bear Trap: Fall of Bear Stearns” by Andrew Spencer, to J. Boylston & Company Publishers; “Eddie and The Emoticons” by Eric Fisher PhD to Milk and Cookies; Being Uncle Charlie” by Bobby Deasy to Random House; “Ready…Set, Risk” by Danielle Levitt to J. Boyston & Company Publishers; The Oxygen Plan” by Eric Lucas to iBooks; “The Real Man Plan” by Dr. John Shufeldt; Exposing the Wall Street Boys Club” by James Goldberg with Danny Espinosa, Esq.; “Chefs Run Wild” by Tim TrokeFrogwater Media; “The Next American Economy: Blueprint for a Real Recovery” by William J. Holstein to Bloomsbury; “Cru Oyster Bar Cookbook” by Chef Erin Kircher, Jane Stoddard and Carlos Hidalgo, with Martha Murphy to St. Martins Press; “Frozen & Fabulous Cookbook” by Chef Gail Kurpgeweit to iBooks; “Conquering Cancer” by Dr. Yu to iBooks;  Audio book  of “Common Sense for Common Good” by Gary Johnson to HarperCollins Brilliance;  “The Peasant Chef” by Chef Sandy, FYI Network (Working Title Pending); “Secret of Blond Souk” by Robin Brouillette Audio Book of “The Penis Book” by Aaron Spitz MD to Brilliance Amazon; “Taking Away the Guilty Conscious Cookbook” (working title) by Chef Jernard Wells, Food Network Contributor; “Shift, The Power of Design to Create Longevity, Vitality and Productivity” by Fawn Chang to J. Boylston & Company Publishers; “Round the World in the Wrong Season” and Tanker Disasters” by Eric T. Wiberg to Island Books; Venus Prime” (6 Volume Multi-Book Series) to Claxson Interactive.

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