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Advanced Glazings and WinTech Partner on New Products to Create Sustainable Novel Features and Human Benefits at an Attainable Price

SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA - (NewMediaWire) - April 03, 2024 - Advanced Glazings Ltd. (“AGL”), based in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and WinTech, out of Monett, Missouri, have joined forces to create high-value, sustainable metal building products. The partnering of products is based on a shared commitment to achieve the ultimate balance between value, energy efficiency, and employee well-being.

In today’s post-COVID landscape, metal building owners seek structures that offer more value and human-benefiting features without significantly increasing costs. They also prioritize energy conservation and creating a healthy, productive work environment.

Natural daylight is a powerful asset for any building. It enhances aesthetics, boosts mood, and improves productivity. Advanced Glazings’ Solera® Glass provides a solution: it allows soft, diffused natural light to flood the interiors without harsh glare. Unlike conventional R2 or R3 glass, Solera® Glass minimizes heat loss, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.

In the modern era, relying on single-use plastics for building facades is no longer sufficient. Glass remains the material of choice due to its timeless appeal and durability. Architects and builders have trusted glass for centuries. By opting for glass over plastics, metal buildings can achieve longevity and maintain a connection to the outdoors.

WinTech brings extensive experience and innovative designs to the metal building industry across North America. With the integration of Solera® Glass into WinTech frames, creating visually appealing and high-value interiors becomes straightforward. Importantly, this collaboration doesn’t compromise the cost-effectiveness and rapid installation associated with Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs).

Advanced Glazings’ founder and chairman Doug Milburn said, “AGL and WinTech are thrilled to embark on a shared journey to revolutionize metal building design by combining sustainable materials, natural light, and efficient construction methods. Our partnering of products will achieve a new era of metal structures that are not only functional but also beautiful, energy-efficient, and conducive to employee well-being.”

About Advanced Glazings

Great buildings need a connection to the outdoors, one that is only achieved through the use of glass. At Advanced Glazings Ltd, we understand that making that connection is challenging. Our Solera® line of highly insulating light diffusing glass and decades of combined experience in daylight design make it easy for you to create buildings that are stunning and will 'wow' everyone who enters.

About WinTech

WinTech is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the building materials industry. With a strong commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, WinTech delivers high quality products and services that drive success for our clients. As an employee-owned company, our dedicated team takes pride in delivering exceptional results while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Jon Lindsay Phillips