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Advanced Ice Storm Recovery Technology from Exacter Being Deployed to Help Utilities Restore Power and Identify Threats

Exacter technology is a powerful tool being used to help utilities recover faster and more effectively from the current snow and ice storms.

Columbus, OH - (NewMediaWire) - February 23, 2021 - Exacter’s unique ice storm recovery technology is being deployed to Texas and southern states to aid in grid resiliency after power restoration.  Exacter quickly identifies hard-to-find, lingering outage sources allowing utilities to go directly to the problem so repairs can be made more effectively.  Because Exacter technology is scalable, utilities can assess thousands of miles of overhead in a matter of just a few weeks.

“Right now, utilities are working hard to restore power as quickly as possible.  They also need actionable intelligence to make strategic decisions on what to maintain and what to rebuild post storm,” states Geoffrey Bibo, President of Exacter, Inc., a grid assessment technology and analytics company that serves the electric utility industry. “Using our assessment technology, utilities can precisely locate weakened areas of the grid even after utility and mutual aid storm recovery efforts have achieved a stable state. In many cases, Exacter has identified the hidden damage to equipment that has been weakened by the storm and will likely continue to cause significant power interruptions.”

Another unique aspect of Exacter technology is that utilities get storm assessment analytics that go far beyond visual inspection -- identifying the unseen damage across the grid that will lead to future outages in the weeks and months ahead. 

“Exacter not only helps storm recovery teams pinpoint root cause locations faster,” continued Exacter President Geoffrey Bibo, “but provide grid-wide analytics for a more thorough recovery.  We identify the collateral damage and workmanship issues that will cause lingering outages for months after the storm and post them on a private portal for utilities to access.”

Utilities that have used Exacter conditions-based assessment data are able to work “smarter” and not only accelerate the restoration of power but allow management to better target circuits for either strategic repair or total rebuild.  “There is limited time, limited manpower, and limited budgets.  Being able to see a map with accurate predictive intelligence on the health of each circuit across the grid is a game-changing tool in the long-term recovery from the devastation of the 2021 ice storms,” concluded Bibo.

Exacter, Inc was founded in 2006.  Exacter performs electrical grid assessments that provide reliability data and predictive analytics.   Exacter has been instrumental in a variety of preventive maintenance programs, pole fire and wildfire mitigation, storm recovery and grid resilience efforts around the world.

Jason Nowland
Director of Marketing