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AMRR 2022 Year-End Review: New Acquisitions and Expanded Offerings

New Opportunities and Expansion in Telecom and Integrated Services During 2022 set the Stage for 2023


Austin, TX - (NewMediaWire) - January 18, 2023 - American Metals Recovery and Recycling, Inc. (“AMRR”) (OTC Pink: AMRR), holding company of AMR Resources, a leading IT and network lifecycle company, made significant gains in 2022 that expanded the company’s reach and product offerings.

Acquisition of AMR Resources LLC

At the start of the year, AMRR acquired AMR Resources, LLC, whereby AMR Resources, LLC became a wholly owned subsidiary of AMRR. The company owns all the assets exclusively used in the Onepath Integrated Services (OIS) business, divested by Onepath Systems, LLC. Onepath Integrated Services (OIS), operated as a standalone division of Onepath Systems and provided private and public entities, large-scale telecommunications, fiber installations, system/network planning and engineering, low voltage cabling, security/access controls, and installation services since 2006. In February, AMRR completed this acquisition of AMR Resources, LLC, starting a new era for continued growth.

Rebrand as MBG and Launch of Helios System

Following the reverse merger, AMR Resources LLC rebranded as MBG, positioning itself as a leading IT and network lifecycle company offering solutions for the complete IT and network lifecycle. Around this time, MBG launched its Helios energy solutions, which deliver clean energy solutions for commercial 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Revenue Numbers

By the end of the first half of 2022, AMRR surpassed its revenue goals, reporting high revenue numbers of over $46M in gross revenues as of November. The majority of these revenue numbers were generated by its wholly owned subsidiary AMR Resources, LLC.  Revenue numbers for the end of the year are forthcoming.

The Small Cell Pole Shroud Patent and the ASPire line

With the appointment of Joe Page to the newly created position of Senior Vice President of Product Development in the third quarter, AMRR also acquired a one-third ownership interest of a patent that he and his colleagues were awarded for cellular radio shroud technology. Soon after, MBG announced its ASPire line of products, which are Adaptive Smart Pole products that enhance network activity outdoors, providing the necessary infrastructure for the future of IoT. ASPire Smart poles provide the infrastructure for the co-location of small cell towers.  ASPire can host all four carriers on one pole, making it a wiser investment for cities and municipalities as it leaves a smaller footprint in dense urban areas. Utilizing patented shroud technology, they are more aesthetically pleasing and are more adaptable for future radio upgrades without additional shroud investment.

Launch of the Amply-5 Private Networks Suite of Products

Also, in the fourth quarter, MBG launched its AMPLY-5 suite of products, which costs much less than traditional 5G cellular and allows expansion as needed at a lower capital cost. The MBG Amply-5 network is a high-speed data network consisting of private unlicensed 5G spectrum to cover broad areas, combined with high-speed WiFi connected to fiber backhaul to cover dense congregation areas, such as stadiums, arenas, and dense commercial and campus areas. The Amply-5 network is seamless for the user and works with all major carriers.

Summary Statement from James Frinzi, Chairman and CEO

Reflecting on the year, Chairman and CEO James Frinzi stated, “MBG made incredible headwinds in 2022, from launching new lines of products and forming new alliances with top-notch companies. We have a robust plan for growth and the global economy increasingly needs the services and products we provide.”

About American Metals Recycling and Recovery

AMRR is the holding company of AMR Resources, LLC, a leading IT and network lifecycle company offering solutions for the complete IT and network lifecycle from deployment to decommissioning. The company is backed by logistics, field enterprise service systems, and a global technician base. AMR Resources LLC specializes in large-scale telecommunications, system/network planning and engineering, fire and life safety systems, low voltage cabling, electronic security, audiovisual, installation services, electronic waste recycling, and data destruction. The company’s clients include companies in technology, communications, health care, sports entertainment, and government.


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