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Announcing: "The Nine Pillars of Resilience And Success" to be a Published Book by World-Renowned Psychologist Dr. Stephen Sideroff, Represented by Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners LLC Beverly Hills

Dr. Sideroff Podcasts Nearing His 100th Episode; Dr. Sideroff Joins Forces With Dr. Robert Lufkin on Their Path Of Longevity Summit April 25-May 2nd, and Development of Their Longevity Products

Beverly Hills, CA - (NewMediaWire) - March 30, 2023 - ANNOUNCED TODAY: World-renowned psychologist Stephen Sideroff PhD has signed with Agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP) Beverly Hills for submission of his book to Publishers for The Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success”.

ABOUT “The Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success” TO BE A PUBLISHED BOOK BY DR. SIDEROFF:

Dr. Stephen Sideroff, a world-renowned psychologist in resilience and approaches to the mind-body connection, presents his unique model of optimal functioning in a clear self-guided "path" that will support new and healthy thinking and behaviors. His innovative approach, by inventing the construct of "The Path", anticipates the resistance and sense of overwhelm that has resulted in the failure of other books to meet the challenge. The Path distills the process down to easy steps. More importantly, when the reader inevitably falls off The Path, Dr. Sideroff supports and encourages the reader to take simple steps to get back onto The Path. 


Dr. Sideroff’s weekly video podcast "The Path of Longevity" is nearing its 100th episode and Creative Management Partners (CMP) will be distributing in 2023, 2024 on the "CMP Doctors Podcast Network", with distribution to millions of viewers across Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Web Browser, Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Buzzsprout Embed Player, CastBox, Podcast Addict, Overcast, Your Buzzsprout Site, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Amazon Echo, Pandora, Chromecast, MixerBox, Podcasty, Audible, Podimo, Apple Music, Deezer, Player FM, and Podcast Republic.

SAID STEPHEN SIDEROFF PHD: “I am very excited about my book, ‘The Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success’, which in my view will address the greatest danger faced by our modern and increasingly more complex life: Stress and its consequences: physical, mental and emotional disabilities. It is estimated that 70%-80% of doctor visits, and the growth of chronic illness, are due to stress. It is also responsible for the increasing problem of mental and emotional illness. Corporate America is waking up to its impact on productivity and their bottom line. My book does more than simply present good information, it goes directly to the heart of the problem: supporting and giving the reader this information in exactly the form necessary that stimulates hope and thus produces new and healthy thinking and behaviors. This book is the answer to the struggles of so many people who, as Michelle Obama says in her latest book, “are just trying to live their lives.” This book is a lifeline to greater health, happiness and success in life. It has been wonderful working with my dear friend and valued colleague Dr. Robert Lufkin on this important Summit and our mutual dedication to Longevity. Approaching this exponentially growing subject with the keen eyes and thought process of innovative clinicians, researcher, inventor and trainers, Doctors have two important goals: 1. To cut through the hype and false claims to determine what is accurate and safe information and approaches and 2. To bring a unique integration of both Mind and Body approaches to this field. I am very pleased we engaged Alan Morell of CMP to assist us with our quest for his Senior Advisory for our Literary and Commercial endeavors.”

SAID AGENT ALAN MORELL: “Dr. Sideroff’s book for the reader outlines a step-by-step Path with an 8-Page Special Bonus Section, an assessment and workbook introducing the reader to Dr. Sideroff’s model of resilience that helps the reader function optimally in terms of both health and performance. Completing the questionnaire and graphing the reader scores will give the reader a quick picture of  their strengths as well as those areas needing development. It’s a personal guide to master stress, slow aging, increase vitality, achieve success and feel happy at every age. It is my honor and pleasure to represent Dr. Sideroff for his Literary, Broadcast and Commercial endeavors and have Dr. Sideroff Podcasts with Dr. Lufkin featured on the DOCTORS PODCAST NETWORK.”


Dr. Stephen Sideroff is an internationally recognized psychologist, executive and medical consultant and expert in resilience, optimal performance, addiction, neurofeedback, relationships, longevity and mental health. He has published pioneering research in these fields. He is an associate professor at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, with joint appointments in the Departments of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences and Rheumatology. He is also the director of the Wallenberg Institute of Ethics. He was the founder & former Clinical Director of the Stress Strategies program of UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital and former Clinical Director of Moonview Treatment and Optimal Performance Center. 

Dr. Sideroff has presented over 600 seminars and professional training programs nationally and internationally. He has helped establish innovative training and treatment approaches in optimal functioning, mind/body medicine and attention deficit disorder in the US, China, and Europe. Dr. Sideroff helped to introduce biofeedback to universities and hospitals in China, becoming the first director of continuing education in biofeedback for the People’s Republic of China. He has conducted cutting edge research in brain and behavior. His published research using neurofeedback in addiction has been used as a model for its use in treatment centers throughout the world. He recently published groundbreaking research using neurofeedback to remediate “chemobrain” or cognitive fog resulting from chemotherapy in breast cancer survivors.

Dr. Sideroff has written and produced a number of self-help audio programs along with his book, “The Path: Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success” which has been hailed as “A true Bible for living in balance and spirituality.” Participants of Dr. Sideroff’s lectures and workshops have said that the experience was “life-changing”.







Scheduled for April 25 – May 2, 2023, world acclaimed medical experts and hosts Robert Lufkin M.D. and Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D. bring together more than 40 physicians, scientists, researchers, and chronic illness experts to teach you how to live a long, healthy, disease-free life by addressing some of the primary drivers of aging and disease such as inflammation and healing the mind/body connection. At the summit, the latest information on such topics as biological clocks, mTOR, partial epigenetic reprogramming, regenerative medicine, microbiomes, and metabolic health will be covered.  Supplements plus other drugs such as metformin, rapamycin, acarbose, and dasatinib will be examined.  Plus, learn how to trigger healing on a cellular level, stimulate the formation of stem cells, and boost brain and body health at every age. You’ll also learn why psychological resilience, stress management, and trauma healing are essential components of healthy longevity.







About Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP) Alan Morell:

Mr. Morell has over 40 years of global experience managing over 3,700 campaigns, (over 100 campaigns for doctors) in the successful development and management of talent, literary, TV and film packaging, commercial rights, corporate consulting, media positioning, sponsorship of live events and intellectual property (IP) rights. Mr. Morell is one of the few in the sports, entertainment, medical, military, politics, corporate business and the arts industries who has represented and managed clients, that have won the prestigious awards: Grammy; Tony; Oscar; Emmy, ESPY, Victors, Telly, Clio and NY Times Best Selling Authors. 

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