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Big AI Tech Companies are Scrambling to Invest In Nuclear Power, Fueling US Nuclear's Growth

LOS ANGELES, CA - (NewMediaWire) - July 09, 2024 - The power demands of tech companies are skyrocketing with the rise of artificial intelligence, leading many to invest heavily into the nuclear power market to help power their data centers.  As a top provider to nuclear power plants and fusion power startups, this nuclear power revival will fuel US Nuclear’s (OTC-QB: UCLE) growth. 

Nuclear power currently accounts for about 19% of energy production domestically, and 10% globally.  However, demand for nuclear power is projected to double or even triple by 2050, requiring up to 800 GW of new nuclear power plants. Artificial intelligence is growing at lightning speeds, but will require tremendous amounts of energy, with some figures estimating that these servers could consume 85 terawatt hours per year—more than what many small countries use annually.  The transitioning to electric vehicles is already straining the power grid. 

As a result, many tech firms, especially AI firms, are rushing to invest heavily in nuclear power.  Helion Energy, a fusion energy startup, has raised over $600 million with the help of Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI who strongly supports the synergy of AI and nuclear power.  Microsoft has already signed a deal to purchase fusion energy from Helion, and made a second deal with a nuclear power plant operator in Virginia to help to supply nuclear-generated electricity to its data centers there.  Google invested $250 million in a different fusion startup TAE Technologies, while Amazon founder Jeff Bezos raised over $130 million for a Canadian fusion startup called General Fusion. 

US Nuclear is a main supplier of radiation detection equipment for nuclear power plants, and their growth will surge as old nuclear power plants are refurbished and new ones are built to meet these rising power demands.  In addition, US Nuclear is the leading supplier of Tritium monitoring equipment, which is essential for fusion power research and generation which uses Tritium as its fuel source. US Nuclear is already working with several prominent fusion startups, and as fusion continues to gain prominence and funding, US Nuclear’s business will soar.    

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