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BioAdaptives Announces Special Holiday Wellness Offers and Gift

LAS VEGAS, NV  - (NewMediaWire) - December 07, 2023 - BioAdaptives, Inc. (OTC: BDPT), a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, all-natural dietary supplements, is pleased to announce a special Holiday promotion during December, focusing on enhancing general health: the gift of being back at your best.

This year, the company proudly introduces special Holiday packs, priced at up to 25% off recommended retail prices. BioAdaptives’ products are all-natural, and scientifically backed, and designed to meet the general wellness needs of the entire adult community, especially Seniors. The growing number of U.S. adults age 65 and older—nearly 56 million as of 2021—represents close to 17% of the total population and a projected 22% by 2040. 

This sale, which encourages the convenience of online shopping during the busy holiday season with free shipping, takes place during December, ending December 31.   BioAdaptives invites all adults to take advantage of this Holiday discount to explore its range of health-enhancing supplements.  

Additionally, in response to the increasing seasonal incidence of respiratory illnesses,  BioAdaptives is offering a gift of its Lung Cleanser™ device with every supplement purchase during this sale.  The Lung Cleanser™ is an FDA cleared device that is non-invasive and is easily used by both adults and children to promote lung health. The Lung Cleanser™ helps the lungs to expel harmful substances like viruses, bacteria, air pollution particles and chemicals.

BioAdaptives has been at the forefront of developing and distributing all-natural, plant- and algal-based products aimed at improving health and wellness. The company's range includes solutions for immune system support, memory enhancement, vitality, pain relief, cell recovery and more.

“We are excited to introduce these special Holiday offers as part of our mission to enhance overall health and wellness for all ages,” announced Edward Jacobs, M.D., CEO of BioAdaptives. “While these products are particularly beneficial for seniors, helping to alleviate pain, bolster immune function, and reduce stress, our commitment extends beyond any single age group. We recognize the diverse health challenges faced by people at different stages of life and are dedicated to providing solutions that support a wide range of health and wellness goals.”

For more information about BioAdaptives, Inc. and the Holiday Sale offer, visit  

About BioAdaptives

BioAdaptives, Inc. develops and distributes natural plant- and algal-based products that improve health and wellness for humans and animals, with an emphasis on optimizing pain relief, antiviral activity and immune system defense; resistance to stress; endurance; recovery from injury, illness and exercise; and anti-aging properties. The Company’s current dietary supplement formulations are carefully selected from the best sources around the world and utilize proprietary methods of enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients. BioAdaptives’ current product line includes PrimiLungs™, PluriPain®, SleepEZ™, MindnMemory™ and Cell Rejuven™ for humans. The Company’s products for horses and dogs have also demonstrated increased general health, competitive performance enhancement, rejuvenation effects and pain relief, as well as providing improvements in appearance. BioAdaptives’ wholly owned subsidiary, LiveStock Impact, Inc. markets Canine Regen All In One™, Equine All In One™ and Equine All In One Plus™ for dogs and horses. LiveStock Impact, Inc. is also positioned to develop and market botanical drugs.

BioAdaptives’ common shares trade in the OTC market under the symbol BDPT.  It has over 13,000 current shareholders.  None of the statements about the Company’s products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional information can be found at or in our SEC filings at

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