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BitFrontier Announces Acquisition of Liquid Immersion Hosting Container Along With Existing Membership Interests

SAN JOSE, CA  - (NewMediaWire) - June 30, 2023 - BitFrontier Capital Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: BFCH), a leading provider of crypto mining hardware and hosting centers, announces the acquisition of hosting membership assets and a liquid cooling container with space to host 360 new revenue customers. 

On June 13th, 2023, ASIC Miners US (a division of BFCH) closed a purchasing agreement with Hypernova Digital Asset Creations, LLC to purchase their membership interests of ninety-three S19 Pro Miners and a fully furnished liquid immersion container and associated pump equipment which we have moved to a new location in West Texas.

Andrew Gilton, CEO of BFCH, stated, “Miner sales have been up year over year which accounts for part of our reported revenue but selling miners is only part of our vision to be a premier complete solution provider. This will give us the room we need to fulfill that vision. Not only can we get you the latest miners first, but now provide aggressive hosting solutions with the ability to overclock up to 25%. All you need to do is call us and we’ll do the rest.

This new container is already in place, and we will start accepting reservations on July 15th, 2023, with a planned start date of August 15th, 2023.

The ASIC miner community has been plagued by scammers and con artists. You had to trust one party to sell you a working miner and ship it to you. You had to then ship your miner to another facility and trust them to set it up quickly and properly and host it.  At BFCH, we see an opportunity to be a trusted seller and hoster. We will get your miner, professionally configure it at overclocked speeds up to 125% and host it for a one-year renewal period. We get rid of the finger pointing and will take control of every detail. We have purchasing agents in Asia with long standing relationships with ASIC providers to assure us the best pricing and latest units. This gives us full visibility of your order. We deliver transparency and tracking numbers instead of promises.

In order to facilitate investments like this that will enable us to grow, BFCH has recently increased the number of Authorized Shares. This increase in shares allows us to transition from the old BFCH to the new and healthy one. These new shares will allow us to invest in our infrastructure and create an Employment Share pool, all of which will be subject to a 2-year hold. We are in this to win it and hope you will join us in our forward-looking vision.

A video of our new West Texas mining facility YouTube Link

About BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc.

BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of Crypto Mining Hardware and Hosting Centers. Consisting of ASIC Miners US, Inc. and Liquid Immersion Worldwide, Inc., BitFrontier is a one stop shop for purchasing the very latest mining equipment and strategically located hosting centers throughout the US.

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