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Bubblr Inc. Announces AI Seek App Availability in Apple's App Store

NEW YORK, NY - (NewMediaWire) - August 01, 2023 - Bubblr Inc. (OTC QB: BBLR), now operating as Ethical Web AI, is pleased to announce that its AI Seek app, already available on Google Play, is now live in Apple's app store for iPhone and iPad users.


On July 30, 2023, Apple notified Ethical Web AI that the AI Seek app is available for purchase. This follows the Google Play approval two weeks earlier.


This event marks a key moment for the company. Many founder investors and potential future investors, as well as the majority of our target audience for AI Seek, are primarily Apple users. Several marketing partners have awaited this dual-platform availability to commence campaigns to increase awareness of Ethical Web AI.


AI Seek is part of Ethical Web AI's objective of an anonymous internet, allowing users to enjoy AI chat benefits without surrendering personal information.


AI Seek is priced at $15 per month or $150 annually, offering a $5 per month saving compared to Chat GPT's browser-based product.

Key advantages of AI Seek include:


      Quality Output: Individual web pages for enhanced shareability and formatting for WhatsApp, email, and social media, with dynamic hypertext links.

      Anonymity: No registration required, maintaining user privacy and reducing risk for corporations.

      Patent Protection: Our second patent application secures AI Seek's innovative information searching.


For the first month, we encourage user feedback to optimize the user interface, focusing on intuitive navigation even for inexperienced users.


We're negotiating with marketing partners for promotion following user experience data collation in the upcoming month.


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