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CBIH Announces the Completion of the "Phase of Research and Discovery" for Its Phytotherapy Cancer Scientific Project

Houston, TX - (NewMediaWire) - May 01, 2023 - CBIH, previously known as CHNC, and trading under the ticker symbol CHNC, announces the completion of the stage “research and discovery” on the strategic framework to develop future clinical trials of the effectiveness of cannabinoids in the treatment of Cancer.

In this phase of target identification and validation, CBIH’s scientific team has developed molecular biology data analysis for exploring targets and biomarkers in this complex disease with over 200 subtypes. As a result of this research phase, CBIH´s group of scientists has developed a series of formulation proposals for the different cancer stages (from I to IV). These formulations include prototypes of different routes of administration; oral, oromucousal, sublingual, topical, inhalation, rectal, and vaginal route.

“The American Cancer Society has projected that the United States will see 1,958,310 new cancer cases and 609,820 cancer-related deaths in 2023. The figures serve as a call to action to prioritize cancer control measures and work towards reducing the burden of cancer on individuals and society,” according to Dr. José Torres, MD, CBIH National Medical Director,

“Cannabinoids have the potential to control the microenvironment surrounding a tumor, which is critical for its growth and spread. By blocking the receptors and molecules that facilitate the signaling process, cannabinoids can prevent tumors from sending signals to neighboring cells that help them grow and proliferate. One vital biomolecule is called VEGF, which helps tumors get the blood supply they need to grow. By blocking VEGF, cannabinoids can stop the tumors from getting blood supply and support our immune system in fighting off the cancer cells,” says Jennifer Salguero, Biologist, PhD in Science, Chief of CBIH Research Department.

CBIH expects to advance in new approaches to combat this persistent and frighteningly escalating global health concern with this non-clinical development phase. And at the same time, the company will explore research and development partnerships, also it will continue advancing in the framework needed to announce future clinical trials with cannabinoids.

CBIH will continue to dedicate its human and economic resources in order to hopefully develop and provide a solution for Cancer patients worldwide and will announce the conclusion of each stage with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life of thousands of people by continuing to create non-traditional medicine in a traditional world.

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